Was excited to attend the Green Party i blogged about awhile ago, but i had trouble dressing up in green (that was the dresscode we were told).

The only green clothes i had was prolly clothes so old i never wear anymore and have moss grown all over.

Just kidding. I settled for this kinda, sorta but not really green vintage dress from BACI.


With green color lens



Arrived at the Curve, Malayis’a first pedestrianised shopping mall.

I like how they really make the effort to provide a refreshing shopping experience throughout the year. Always look forward to see their stage deco and various promotion they carry.


This year they have the whole stage surrounded with greeneries and each of the guests received a little flower deco from Ideko.


Wine while waiting for the show to start.


Joyce in her (also sorta, kinda, not really) green outfit. We had a nice catch-up session after so long!


Happy to see most of the guests turning out in all sort of green ensembles. I really have problem with people who choose to ignore the dress code. I mean, if you wanna attend an event, respect it lo.


Opening dance


I like this picture! Very fairy-tale


Blonde girls in their sexy moves.


Fashion show started with Uluwatu, all white and pure Bali princesses.

Official Make-up – Shiseido

Official Hair-do – Hair Kunst


Followed by Metrojaya—East India Company


B.Ha Lingerie



August 8


August 8


Metrojaya – Somerset Bay







Always love G2000’s models!



There were also other participating brands like The Wedding Boutique, Le Ann Maxima, Debenhams, Focus Point, T-Joue, Binwani’s & Elements, which unfortunately i didn’t manage to snap pictures of (either i was distracted or too mesmerized lol.)


Celebrity model Nasha Aziz (black) and Tengku Azura (green). When Nasha came out there was a huge cheer among the crowd. I must admit that there’s this show-stopping aura about her. Out of curiosity i went googling for her age and she is 38 wtf???? And she looks the most gorgeous life is unfair T____T


And the night ended with lotsa green confetti! So pretty!!!


But of course, nothing beats supper at Waroeng Penyet. 😛