Guys i’m removing Cheeseroll after it expires on 15th July 2010. There will be no more Cheeseroll. For good.

But if you are interested in a paid review for your shop you can welcome. Just drop me a mail. Lately no work I NEED TO EAT!




Lately i have been thinking a lot about living in another place. Place as in country. Maybe it is a sign of mild depression. People only think about moving when they experience grief, or hopelessness, or  are in an LDR, or want to start a new life.

I am perfectly fine with my life. It is just that i feel that i am getting too lazy in this place i called home. (But people are lazy at home, are they not?) And also things happening around me are making me faithless. It has got a lot to do with general safety in this place. Two of my friends got mugged in the middle of the night in PJ. Police stop me because they want bribe, not because they want to help me. We can’t drink from the tap because it’s dirty, etc. I get irritated by bad Malaysian attitude, bad driving skills (including my own. But if i go to another country i can just use their awesome public transport.), bad service in a restaurant, etc. No dogs allowed in most parks. Cannot find pork everywhere. Etc.  Bad food’s ratio is too high compared to good food. Etc.

Small things like that. But when you add them up together they aren’t so small anymore. These are all the problems that can be put up with. If not there wouldn’t be anyone else left in Malaysia. But isn’t it amazing? Think about it! These are the things we have been putting up with.

There was this one time, my host family Asada came to visit KL. They had an orange juice in a coffee shop, it was diluted and overly sweet. The next day they went to another coffee shop and ordered another orange juice. It was diluted and overly sweet. Then host mom asked me, how come Malaysian drink so sweet and blant? (contradicting i know, but you know what i mean.) Then i said we don’t. It is just the way they make it. Then she was appalled, and said, “Why did you all put up with it then? In Japan, if a shop sells orange juice like that, it will close down the next day because nobody will drink it.”

And it got me thinking. Why did we put up with these crap? Is it because it is a small thing that is easy to put up with? Or is it because it is easier to put up with these things than not putting up with it? (throw the orange juice back on the owner’s face, call BoycottBadRestaurantInMalaysia™ hotline, or move to another country, for example.) Or is it because we are used to putting up with crap so it’s only natural that we continue putting up with crap?

Sometimes i go to a really bad restaurant and after i had crap food and get very cross, i wonder why people are still visiting it. For sure not everyone is a first-time customer. Why did they go back if they food is so crap? Also, what the fuck was the owner thinking? “Oh i will open a crap restaurant and sell crap food so that i can make tons of money“?

If i grow up and become Prime Minister, the first thing i will do is ban all restaurants that don’t pass my YummyNom Test™.

Bad food makes me angry.

i want to go somewhere different and try living there for awhile. Not just traveling to a new country and just see the nice stuff and spent money shopping.

Sometimes i think, if i can live here in Malaysia alone, what difference does it make living somewhere else alone? It is just that i will have to find myself a new job. And that’s not going to be easy. I get too lazy here. there isn’t really much to do around here. What do you all do on weekends? Sleep until 12noon, lunch, go Pavilion shopping, dinner, then maybe buy dvds then come home and watch? Is that it?

I was just thinking, if i live in another country, i could be a more outdoorsy person. Because all i do all day nao is just sit at home (too hot to go outside) and go online (too hot to go outside too). Well i know if you are in UK or whatever it will be “to hot to go outside” and “too cold to go outside”. but at least another half of the year is pretty decent i assume. Here it is just “too hot to go outside” like, forever. If i am somewhere else with nice weather, maybe i can cycle in the park. Or like go to a lake picnic and read a book. Who the fuck picnics and reads books around the lake in Malaysia?

Well. I was just thinking.




Online shopping time. Today’s fashion is OL Executive.

Too much of kawaii i need a change sometimes too. Apparel provided by Diva Darling, an online boutique that sells apparel work the working ladies, as well as those who are getting hitched!

Diva darling provides handmade bridal shoe s& design wedding dress too. Also, the owner is currently in UK and she will be able to provide personal shopper service for those who wants to find authentic designer handbags, shoes and clothings.

These are some of the pieces i got.


Breezy Cotton Waist Tie in Shirt

OL Cheesie!


Soft Layered Bow Tie Blouse

I don’t work in an office unFML so this would be great just anytime at all. Maybe go dowantairs tapao triangle nasi lemak.


Executive Light Grey Dress

I never thought i would wear something like this! Do i look like i can hold a international financial conference?


Furstenberg Blouse

A more casual piece for lazy days.


Black Bow white blouse

Love this! Girly yet preppy!


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