I was at Urbanscape for Olympus’ event. They have invited me to be their decocam bling master what turf.


So i had a little booth, equipped with all the decoden stuff i ordered from minimaos.


Getting prepared.


WA quite a lot of people entrusted me to ruin their gadgets FTL.


Turning everything into a duplicate of my TragicCreamCakeCam lol.


Girls creaming their phone lolol


Quite cute!


This girl blings her own camera (but she has the protective sheet it’s like condom la it prevents things from going wrong lol)


More blinging!


She blinged her own name on her powder case. Cute!


HAHAH Ching did this one. It looks like volcano to me lolol


With Mish


(Floral top from thepoplook.com)

A Half-blinged decocam.


Whoever attended the event, i hope you had some creamy fun πŸ˜›


This is me attempting to cream my blusher case.


It’s gonna be all diabetes-causingly desserty.


My melody rubber stick!

(A lot of people argued with me and said this isn’t My Melody because she is red. But Hello Kitty also can hide inside a green frog or a pumpkin or a fish roe, so why can’t My Melody be pink wtf)


And because in Minimaos it says that you can cut one stick into at least 50 pieces, so Michelle took the challenge, and successfully cut it into 60 over pieces.

NO CHEAT ONEβ„’!!! <3


Decoden pieces


My blusher case nao.



Also, i got a white BB casing from Minimaos!!!!!! SO happy i can has new decoden <3

There are soooooo many designs i can play with and i am not sure what i should do!!!

Tell me what you think!


Classic Chanel decoden (then will add lotsa blings)


Hello Kitty Decoden


Or another dessert extravaganza!!!



You all can get all these decoden accessories at