(whatever plasty la. I can’t spell. I copy and pasted from Xiaxue’s blog.)


I oso can has bigass eyes!!!!


Here you are, before and after photo.

Note that i already have natural (natural!!! ya hear that?) double eyelids, erm, on one and a half sides.  But nowadays everybody wants Japanese gyaru one million layers super kao deep eyelids.

So i sewed double eyelids and cut my eye inner corner and here’s the result.



I’m very angry! Xiaxue told me she’s only going to “have a look at the clinic” AND CAME BACK WITH HER EYES CUT AND SEWED BIGGER WTF????

She Cheat One™. 🙁


It’s so unfair. Just because some people can tahan pain and got the nerves (which is ironic, because i suspect nerves are exactly what they don’t have, because else how can they not feel pain?????) to cut themselves or get someone to cut themselves they deserve to be chioer wtf?

It is like in primary school if you have the courage to raise your hand and answer a question the teachers will always praise you and think that you are the smartest, but if you know perfectly the correct answer but you just sit there quietly, you are stupid wtf.

Ok maybe this is not a very good example. Anyway.

My point is!!! Does that mean that people who cannot tahan pain or don’t dare to get themselves cut deserve to be ugly?

Just to illustrate how much bloody courage you need to get your eyes cut, go on, watch these.

Warning: GROSS MAX





Nao tell me if you still wanna cut your eyes.




But she already went through so much pain. Aiya give her pretty la.



There are 3 levels of “beauty”.

The highest level would be, of course, plastic surgery, which people who have nerves (or the lack thereof) go do.

(I know that highest level should be natural beauty but i think it rarely exist so it doesn’t count.)

Then second level is using all kinds of Cheat One™ methods to make themselves look good. Color lens make up whatever.

Then after that it is for people who are lazy. Because a few clicks of liquify on Photoshop is so easy.

Chicken people like me can just resort to other Cheat One™ means, which i am really quite good at i must admit. T____T



First of all, dook your eye with the Y thingie and create your ideal eyelid.

To get 1,000,000 layers of eyelids, use eyelid sticker la.

I’m using the fiber stick from minimaos. And i really like it because it is thin and invisible. Unfortunately i can’t show you hao i did it because i only had one hand the other had to hold camera FML. You can watch the video in the page to see how it works.


Lateral Canthoplasty

Of course then apply however much make up humanly possible on the eyes. Make sure you extend your liner all the way to the inner corner to make it look like you have cut your inner corner, and also apply mascara below your lower lash line to make it look like you have cut your eyes bigger wtf.

Ok vain pix time and super PSed photos. I wanna thank whoever created Photoshop. It makes people feel good especially people like me who hide behind a computer screen blogging all i need to do is not go out to the streets and people will never know how i really look like. (Even if i go out no one would recognize me because i PSed myself to look so different.)

Amazing, isn’t it.

However, Photoshop can only satisfy you so much lo. Of course anyone would prefer the real deal. For instance, cyber sex and real sex. Which one better? You tell me.

Anyway. I am quite happy with all my Cheat Ones™ la. My field of expertise.

And time to pimp minimaos again.

JC necklace and butterfly dress.

(I dunno why my hair looks darker here. I didn’t PS!!!!)

JC gold chain and JC charms.

JC braided bracelet. OMG maybe i should bling my red lips like the charm!!!

Bohe dress vintage.

And my 1,000,000 layers of eyelid <3.

Go la, add minimaos on Facebook ok.