Onsen (hotspring) in winter is ♥.


With Penny a Taiwanese student studying in Sapporo.

Every time i come to onsen it reminds me of Spirited Away. I want to meet everyone in the bathhouse! Yubaba and the stupid frog and kaonashi. 😀


Phototaking is of course, not allowed but i did anyway hahahahha. (if not i won’t be writing this post)

I managed to take some pictures of the place except inside the proper hot spring pool because errr all you have is a white towel to cover yourself and you are not allowed to bring the towel into the hotspring wtf. So like you are pretending that you are not embarrassed by people pretending not to look at you and people are pretending like they are not embarrassed by you pretending not looking at them FOL.


Apart from the hotspring they also have Ganbanyoku. It is sort of like sauna but they have rooms with different temperature. From -6C to 60C wtf frozen cheese and grill cheese i shall become.


This is the snow room. There’s a giant shaver on top that makes snow. Think you are sitting on inside a giant Ice Kacang Bowl hahahahhah


There wasn’t anyone in this room i guess people come to hotspring in winter to enjoy hotness not snow so yea that’s why i managed to camwhore wtf.


This is the 60C degree charcoal room or something it is FML hot and my TragicCreamCakeCam became blur and steamy.


Still want to camwhore wtf.


After onsen. FELT SO GOOD. And act damn hero took out all fur jacket cuz you really feel very warm.


It was Xmas eve that day! My host mom cooked hotpot! Erm see she’s in her feline outfit again lol.


My Xmas cake!!!!!!!!!


At night blogged and played with Ma-chan.





Heavenly Spa

I discovered a spa place recently and it is rapidly becoming one of my fav places.


You should really check out the spa packages they have. It’s really like i have experienced before. The massages they offer are also nothing like what i experienced in China/Thailand/Bali. The first time i tried this massage called the Lymphatic Drainage Massage, which hurt quite a great deal to be honest, but the effect was sooooooooo good i kept going back.

I had 2 of that massage and one Lymphatic Drainage facial already. And going back for more. I will tell you more next time!


Staircase to heaven wtf.


This is their rainforest shower room. I tried that in Japan too! You just lie face down on the bed and let the natural warm rain shower massage your back.


And the Malaysian Ganbanyoku haha.


Luxury couple room! How about a bday treat for your other half?

Check out Heavenly Spa at USJ Subang.

I will be going back again and will blog about other awesome spa and massages!