I need to change my entire wardrobe. Or change my country.

Vivi September is all furrrrr and more furrrrrr and ponchos and knitted wear and THE NEXT BIG THING IS NORDIC PATTERN REMEMBER YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST WTF.

(iosodunno what Nordic pattern is. But it makes you look like a deco on or under a Christmas tree.)

Anyway i is stressed FML. I dunno what to do with my spring summer clothes anymore. I’m bored of them! (Omg i actually went to Aud’s blog to read again cuz i remember she’s bored of them too FOL trend whore wtf wtf)

I am starting to panic at the whole season change thing. I will pretend like autumn doesn’t exist.

Wait. it doesn’t exist.

At least not here.

Good idea. Let’s get stuck in Liz Lisa Spring Summer Floral forever wtf.



Some new pieces from minimaos!


Rosebullet Micket T + Bandana

YOU DUNNO HAO MUCH I LOVE MICKEY!!! Summore it’s the exact one Lena was wearing in Vivi multiple times wtf i feel secretly honored to be wearing what Lena is wearing i’m such a Vivi whore FML.


Soft Straw hat. Cancan hat is so dinosaur year!!!


Marine hat from minimaos but sold out too bad FYL and black stripe maxi from thepoplook.


White wedges are… Wtf shoes are from Nose i bought during MDG years -_-


Red marine hat from minimaos.


ASOS laced dress super body hugging.


Mini red kago bag.


Errr. Nothing.


Dazzlin Romper & River Island Kago



Stocking from minimaos. Hat from… i dunno what’s that shop’s name already in Sydney one. Bought it for like AUD5.


Floral dress from minimaos.



You know how in magazine they always teach you how to mix and match and layer for season change?

HA and this is my pseudo autumn style fml.  Sometimes i’m so glad i have a blog so i can post ridiculous picture and pretend it is winter wtf maybe photoshop some snowflakes. Imagine i wear this out to Pavilion.


Red jumper from thepoplook. Bunny fur (real one, i’m sorry bunny) hat from Shanghai.


Useless vain pictures from Cheeserland.

It’s Aug and i miss Christmas already T___T