Ok i logged in to my wordpress for like the 638th time and i dunno what to write but i’m itching to write something. (I almost wrote “something” and clicked publish.)

I mean no matter what i blog it will seem all wrong and so i think it is best if i stick to something completely irrelevant.

For once it is actually quite hard to think of something irrelevant because i don’t know what is relevant to begin with. So i thought i would blog about something not a lot of people have something to say about and something that will make me happy.

For example, mentaiko.

I mean, how many of you actually know what mentaiko is?

So yea, i am going to blog about mentaiko today.

This is a commercial i saw in Japan, about mentaiko.

This, is mentaiko. It is food for thought so if you dunno what it is, maybe you should think about it and question your own existence.

This is tarako and mentaiko wtf.

I mean, just look the them. It makes me happy already.

This is mentai mayo on bread!

And this commercial has got some people tasting mentaiko.

Sometimes i wonder how people can tahan doing a food tasting program.

I mean, i would probably need a Japanese thesaurus for the word oishii.

END. Only relevant comments are allowed. So you better look up mentaiko nao! :D.