Gasp i didn’t know the Dolly Wink girl Masuwaka Tsubasa is a mama! You didn’t even think she was married did you!!!

Preggie still want to have her signature giant bow!!!

Her baby boy.

How can she look so pretty!!!!!!!!! The baby look like a Duffy bear in her arms… just… doesn’t make sense!  Moms are supposed to look like they haven’t slept in 5 days and pissed and greasy and going mental and everything.


i’ll be dressed in Dolly Winks and ash brown wigs and blue circle lens while pushing a Liz Lisa pram. And people will see two dolls instead of one baby and a greasy witch. And i will be the prettiest gyaru mama and when my daughter is 4 i will dress her in Liz Lisa spring & summer… or i think i’m just thinking too much.

For example, first i need to find myself a husband to start with. Anyway. Three years ago i had thoughts about babies but those are entirely different thoughts. (Thoughts which may or may not involve violence like kicking and strangling. But that was 3 years ago).

Except that not all pregnancies are cool like Tsubasa’s. When you are young and commitment-free, all these baby thoughts just sound so daunting and scary and it could sound like the worst nightmare in your life—-wait until you actually get it. By accident.

That would be the most literal example of… “FML”.

It’s entirely up to you to prevent this nightmare, or decide when you are finally ready to be a Gyaru mama.

So, say Yes I Can. A special campaign and platform for young women to discuss topics related  to sexual health and contraception options (Yes! No need to to have The Talk with your mom).

Plus the things your mom tell you are probably outdated. For example they may think that the Pill gives you cancer (which is not true, elaborate later).

Have you heard of the new 24/4 Pill?


The new 24/4 pill is a low dose, combined oral contraceptive pill. It combines two types of hormones, an estrogen and a progestogen. The progestogen, which is called Drospirenone (DRSP®), offers benefits because it has a positive influence on skin and fluid retention. This new 24/4 pill has a different dosing regimen from most contraceptive pills – you take 24 active pink pills followed by 4 inactive white (placebo) pills. Due to the unique 24 + 4 dosing regimen, the hormone-free interval becomes shorter and you benefit for longer from the positive effects of Drospirenone. The 4 placebo pills will also help to improve compliance.

How effective are they?
If the new 24/4 pill is used properly, it is 99.97% effective (0.3 in 1000 women will get pregnant per year). 1-6

What are the advantages?
The new 24/4 pill has positive effects on fluid retention. Drospirenone counteracts estrogen induced water retention that causes weight gain. The new 24/4 pill also has positive effects on the skin which means that is reduces the effect of male hormones (called androgens) in your body. It is also indicated for treatment of acne. This 24 + 4 dosing regimen is designed to help reduce the pre menstrual related symptoms such as breast tenderness, period pains and cramps which often occur with conventional 21 + 7 contraceptive pills. It is the first & only pill that indicated for PMDD (a more severe form of PMS).

For more information on the new 24/4 pill, please consult your doctor.

Most of the scary things you heard about oral contraceptive pills are not true. Like… getting fat! Maybe in the past that was the price you had to pay for freedom, but with the improved formula of Pills over all these years, most of the rumored side effects no longer exist.

Here are a few debunked myths:

Myth #1: The Pill causes cancer
Fact#1: Surprise! The pill protects against ovarian cancer and cancer of the uterus .

Myth #2: The Pill affects fertility
Fact #2: Most women rapidly return to their pre-existing level of fertility upon discontinuing the Pill. Fertility is affected by age. Many women take the Pill as a form of contraception during their younger years. By the time they decide to be off the Pill, their age has reduced their chances of pregnancy, therefore, causing the false perception that the pill affects fertility. The Pill actually protects women against ectopic pregnancies and fibroids, conditions which may have an impact on fertility.

Myth #3: The Pill is only used for contraception
Fact #3:  The latest 24/4 regimen pill with drospirenone offer benefits beyond contraception, like reducing menstrual cramps, give you zero mood swing and even promote better skin. Imagine no more PMS!!! 😀

Myth #4: (And i know a lot of girls are concerned about this the most!!!) Oral contraceptives cause weight gain
Fact #4: Again, good news! For the first time in the history of the Pill, brands like DSRP included a specific new progestin (hormone)  that allows women to avoid water retention related symptoms like weight gain, breast tenderness, and bloating.

Now that you know how to take charge of your life and improve your *ahem* sexual health, it may also be a good time you channel your creativity towards a good cause and stand a chance to win RM10,000 in the process.

The Yes I Can Challenge:

  1. A team or individual proposal (in 1,000 words or less) on how the issue of unplanned pregnancies can be addressed.
  2. A poster designed to accompany the proposal submitted.

Simple enough for RM10,000!

Besides that, 4 lucky participants every month will stand a chance to win attractive prizes just by displaying  a “Yes, I Can” car sticker  on their car! What could be simpler than that?

Example of the YIC Wobble n Door sticker.

A car sticker.

They are only available in the pharmacies, so do drop by one! More info about the contest here.

Also, check out their roadshow in campuses around Klang valley. There will be sexual health talk, sharing session by Ambassador Deborah Henry and also educational games.