Bad hair day spoils everything.


Even though i’m fully aware of the 7 Sins i am committing in the mission of sending my hair straight to hell, i can’t do anything to change it.

Not dye my hair? Out of question. I’m already am doing it a BIG favor by not bleaching. Not curl? Hello? Who cares about heat! I want big and nice curls that gives volume! Not blow dry? Err… ok, when i have like 5 hours to spare to air-dry it naturally i will. Or i can always sleep with wet hair and develop a severe migraine, good idea.  What else? Not tie high hair bun? Don’t even think about it.

So yea. I still insisting in committing to the 7 Deadly Sins. Even more religiously now. What women won’t sacrifice to look good. T_T

But what can i do about it?

Damage Control is the only choice.

Absolutely. Tips?

Have damage control products all over your house so it’s accessible anytime if you need that hair crisis S.O.S.

Right now these are the ones i have.


The new Dove Damage Therapy Range.


I have the Damage Therapy Shampoo and Contidioner right on top of my shower rack, so that’s the first salvation i’m giving my tresses in err…distress.


Please let Dove’s Fiber Active Technology heal every single molecule of my hair fiber!


Next is the Intense Repair Leave-On Cream on my dressing table.  I apply this straight out of shower, or before i leave the house at the ends.

I really love this, it makes the hair so soft! <3


And right above my bed where all my Duffy and friends lie, is the hero of the range—Overnight Treatment.

Did you know that night time provides the perfect opportunity to inject new life to your hair, renewing it from within when you sleep?

Think of the time you have wasted in your life to save your beautiful hair!!!

At first i was like, err, overnight treatment? Really? Am i going to wrap my head in aluminium foil or something and look like a roast turkey?

But surprisingly, the treatment cream is really very light, and you just need to massage it into your hair and it will be quickly absorb leaving no mess on your pillow.

And when you wake up, your hair wakes up happy and healthier too! 😀

This is my hair after damage control. Definitely looks better than the picture i tweeted the other day!

Dear hair, i love you and i will continue doing horrible things to you, but i want you to know that it is okay because you are always taken care of! And i cannot live without you so don’t worry! You will be gorgeous. ^^