Liz Lisa Collection Cheat One™ by Cheesie & Fourfeetnine

Anyway, Happy Gyptic is Liz Lisa’s A/W2010 theme, and i was feeling stupid cuz i thought gyptic is a new fashion term i dunno about (well apparently it is!), and googled didn’t come up with a definition fml (i actually tried -_-) and after much self-debate i finally know what it means.

GYPTIC =Gypsy + Nordic.

Which is the look for autumn and winter. Makes sense. And it is so typically Japanese to merge two english words into a 4-syllabus Japanese word. Like Rimokon (remote control) and Purikura (print club) Me-ru Ado (email address) Seku Hara (sex harrassment wtf) and Forufito (Fourfeetnine) and Chizala (Cheeserland) or Foruchizu (Four Cheese). Just kidding.

Anyway i should STFU nao.

Gib u pictures.

Anyway at first it was just Four Cheese camwhore session manatau our friend Lainey damn 7 kepoh she say wanna come to my place so she end up becoming our photographer HAHA FHL. Anyway the pictures turned out super nais who would have thought right wtf.

Style: Liz Lisa


Liz Lisa knitted hat and Liz Liz Autumn Rose in brown (Cheesie) and white (Aud)


Duffy and Shelliemay 40cm from minimaos.


Style: Popteen



Earmuffs from minimaos.


Outfit all from minimaos. Pink moko moko socks from Liz Lisa.



I ♥ THIS PICTURE MAX! But the pink coat color is Cheat One™.

Style: Otona Kawaii (means cute adult wtf)


Snidel Nordic Scarf from minimaos.

Style: Ranzuki

We’re 10 years younger wtf -_-


TeenieWeenie top from minimaos.




Care Bear sponsored by Lainey haha! Mwah.



Style: Tralala






♥ this pic max too so dreamy and shiawase wtf.


And i printed a big ass picture to put in mai future haos.

No la Cheat One™.

You no need eat lunch d cuz you already full of our cuteness wtf *buay paiseh