You know what’s funny? The other day i tweeted

“Dear Kuala Lumpur, please stop giving birth to more new shopping mall already. It is getting a bit pointless wtf.”

Now i am going to EAT MY WORDS.

Because! I am so excited about this new shopping mall opening in Malaysia! I mean, i still find other malls pointless. But this mall is different. It is not just a mall. It is Jipaban.

I used to window shop at Jipaban when it first launched in SG and was always a bit heart pain when i saw all the nice stuff labeled in SGD T__T. But it’s like a dream come true now Jipaban has finally launched in Malaysia!

Well, how Jipaban is different from other malls is that, first of all it is online. No traffic jam no need find parking for hours wtf. Secondly, you get to BUILD YOUR OWN MALL. You can customize and choose which shop you like to see in your mall by simply dragging and dropping the shops you fancy. Easy!

Of course i added my fav fashion shop Minimaos into my mall!

Better news for those who wants to open a shop but is sweating over ridiculously expensive rental of a physical retail outlet. For Malaysian retailers, this is the best time to join, because you get to enjoy 75% off for a 6 months rent!

What makes Jipaban even more interesting is the integrated social network features! Need a friend to tell you if a dress would make you or destroy you? Add the item into your “Egg On List”, so that your shopping buddy can either support your purchase or smash your taste. Best of all, add your items to “Wishlist” and it will be posted to your Twitter and Facebook. Nao you just need to pray for your boyfriend or girlfriend to see your status. 😛

I wonder how much more interactive shopping can be. Maybe in the near future we can all check in and fight to become the Mayor of Jipaban on foursquare wtf. Oh oh oh! Also i can’t wait to look at Jipaban‘s Christmas theme! I love Xmas deco in shopping malls. My favorite has always been The Curve. Let’s see if Jipaban can beat that hehe.

Speaking of Xmas, Jipaban is the Santarina this year by helping everyone to hunt for the perfect Christmas gift, FOR FREE!

Just write about why you would love to give this one item from Jipaban to someone special.  The chosen gift (under RM100) will be sent off to the someone special if the blogger wins.

Of course, as usual, the most creative posts will win.

And not only will you get your dream gift that you want to give to your loved ones, you will also receive CASH (more than enough for you to buy the most expensive gift-wrapping paper!)!
1st prize: The chosen gift  (with RM100 cap) & RM500 cash
2nd prize: The chosen gift (with RM100 cap) & RM300 cash
3rd prize: The chosen gift (with RM100 cap) & RM200 cash

5 x consolation prize: a pair of movie tickets.
After browsing through the shops in Jipaban, here’s the one item i’d like to give to… wait we’ll get to that later. (By the way can i give it to myself? *devoured by greed wtf)

Ok before that i have a confession to make. *braves self*

I am one of those girls who collects teddy bears. TO PUT AROUND HER BEDYes. THOSE girls.


And of course, every bear has a story. But i’m not going to divulge if not you will read this until tomorrow.

I would buy everyone a Shelliemay from minimaos (RM99, ngam ngam within budget!) because i really have this super sentimental attachment to Duffy and Shelliemay if you read my old blog post. But i already have a Shelliemay. And a Duffy. Actually more than one.

And minimaos is selling all these Duffy&Shelliemay pair thing it’s making me mushy inside wtf! Christmas to me is a big couple day! (Esp in Japanese culture) and i would totally get a pair if i have a boyfriend wtf. Sien.

Maybe i should get a gift for…



No not Cheddie. She will be having too much chicken for Christmas.

The person i will be getting a Christmas gift for this year is…


Well technically she is not a person but still! Jipaban never specify that! Plus, look, i jyst refer Shelliemay as “she”!

Anyway, i want to get her a Christmas Costume from minimaos@Jipaban! 😀


Reason is that, i can always dress my Shelliemay up nicely waiting for the perfect moment when she is ready to step up and profess an undying love (on my behalf) to the significant person (i have been looking for).

Damn. I wish i didn’t have to use so many brackets fml.

Anyway! Imma go shop at Jipaban nao. Bai!  😀

PS: Join Jipaban’s Facebook Page and follow it on twitter!