Argh i totally forgot how much i hate celebrating new year in KL, which is the reason why i buggered off somewhere else to spend my NYE for the past 3 years *lansi. (2008 in Taipei 2009 in USJ Osaka and 2010 in Tokyo Tower wtf *lansier)

And this year i actually decided to go to KL city. What a moron. Two morons. Actually.



And spent our NYE wiggling through all the people we didn’t want to spend NYE with and trying to dodge those RM10 notorious foam party spray that stinks like shit.

AND kena sprayed anyway. *black face



I think i was a crowd favorite target of stinky spray because i had so much hair that day. So much hair everyone thought i needed that extra hair mousse.


And rabbit balls on my head.


My new extensions. I mean. Hair is never long enough. I love long hair. Actually no. I love hair.


Inspired Liz Lisa Suede Thigh High Boots and GoddessPosse Winter Bunny bag from minimaos. Favorite bag of 2011 so far wtf. With rabbit balls too. I have the hots for rabbit balls. Did i say i like hare?

HAHA i’m so punny *laughs alone


Then aud came to fetch me to her haos (!!!!!!!!) to act cute together wtf. That’s her act cute leg.


and that’s my act cute legs wtf


I grew 4 pairs of rabbit balls. On my hair, my bag and left and right leg.



Went to Cafe Vivo for dinner.


With Jmeei aka Jam. I have to say this again because it is so punny: Audrey must be crackers to always hang out with cheese and jam!!!!!!!

HAHAHA *laughs alone again fml.



Then went to KL haih.



It was so chaotic even Unit K9 PDRM (whatever that is, sounds SWAT cool) was there with their resident evil wolfs.



Countdown and Changkat, managed to get a hanabi shot with my #addiction <3.

That’s 2011 for Foruchizu.

Commercial time!

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