Flying in a few hours time to Venice and I’m all in the mood to freeze my ass off wtf.

This morning went to Badass coffee and i ordered Alaskan King Crab sandwich then Polar Bear (it’s white choc drink)!

Packed lotsa animal moko moko stuff ! Monster tail everything!! I mean, to pack for a cold country  in advance is always pre-furable.


W♥C fur coat and Liz Lisa laced boots from minimaos.


Prisila Two-Tone Wig from minimaos.


This is copy Wakatsuki Chinatti one.


Then took this picture before going to the NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV gyaru shoot.


Leopard print bag from Glad News Shibuya 109. Army boots from a Good Korean Samaritan wtf.


Shameless wtf.


Name necklace from minimaos.


New gel nails!!!

Ok next imma Show My Italian Flag™ wtf!!!!

Wanted to blog more about the gyaru shoot but no time. I’m still half packed T_T. Also because Maiko and Lie (her name is really Lie. As in, “Lai” wtf. As in Uso.  As in the untruth. So like when someone ask, your name is Lie? And she goes, Uso! Sou, uso desu! And confuse people to the max wtf) used my camera to camwhore max and they look hot max and i refuse to post their camwhore pic together with my camwhore pic cuz i will look horrible!!! And if i must, i will have to adjust the saturation of my face to the max cuz i will so pale in comparison wtf.


All my new friends made me lame fml.