I dunno how many of you watch NHK Tokyo Kawaii, a Japanese program made for girls who love Japanese fashion and culture, but when Aud and i received an email from the coordinator of NHK asking if we would  be available to do filming with Tokyo Kawaii because they found us by searching for Malaysian gyaru wtf, we were like omfg excited, also panicked a bit at the same time, because dude, it’s  NHK.

Means we would be on the most famous Japanese Nation TV. =)=)=)=)

And we didn’t really dare to talk about cuz like, scared jinx la. And also paiseh if it didn’t turn out to be what we expected.


We are confirmed on NHK Tokyo Kawaii already. This Saturday they are airing Xiaxue‘s episode. That’s for the Singaporean gyaru. And for Aud and i i think will be on next week. 😀

So we agreed to do this filming thing, and for weeks we communicated with the NHK people back and forth through emails about the local gyaru fashion scene here. Like, where do we shop for gyaru clothes, make up, nails etc. And we were like, err…. Japan?? F NHK’s L.

And we were told we’d be paid a small fee as token of appreciation la (even free we’d do it *TVwhore wtf), and before we even got it, we spent it all on new clothes because we wanted to look updated T____T *fashionwhore


Aud and i decided to do Liz Lisa and Oba/Ojikawa style!



Comes the first day of filming! We took pictures while waiting for the NHK crew to arrive.


I’m just going to keep posting camwhore pictures until you drown in our shallowness wtf.






Why are we so cute wtf.



Met Lie and Maiko, the Japanese gyaru models for the first time!! Haih the real deal is the real deal. *instantshame


Most of the time i was just staring at Lie and Maiko wondering how they can be so hot T___T


Maiko has incredibly small nose makes me want to be reborn again (and again and again until i get equally small nose) T___T



Brought them to Sasa to see gyaru make up.



A bunch of teenage guys spotted by Lie and Maiko. Waaaa for the first time in their life they were approached by Japanese girls asking if they think we are cute wtf. And i think for the first time someone recognize them as borderline Kakkoi instead of Ah Bengs who hang out in Sungei Wang wtf.


Also spotted two other gyaru.



While having lunch/dinner we were waiting for two readers who saw our tweet and wanted to come and meet <3





Had soba! Both Lie and Maiko said quite nais!

After that the crew came to my haos and continue filming.


After they left, Aud and i were looking at the pictures in amazement and infinite envy wondering how anyone can look so perfect like Maiko and Lie.

Our convo went something liddis:

“How…. on earth does she do this and look hot???”

“Ya ya…. And how do you do this wink without looking retarded?”

“She looks perfect in this picture. And this… and.. this too. And this. And this… WTF?”

“I’m so going to find an unflattering pic of Lie. SURE GOT ONE!”



And so then…

We started our experiment of a new level of camwhoring… to utter failure iii




Practice wink wtf. (We’re still getting stuck at the the winking without looking retarded phase. iii)





This is both Sultry and Cool look PHAILED.


Then we were trying to copy Lie’s pose cuz it’s so original and so cute wtf.





Ok la want to post more but hungry again! Will continue day 2 soon!

Tell me which is your fav picture ah!!! (Kenot say #21 -_-)