Doing a Korean post in the middle of my Euro trip because i finally received some pictures from Scott after forever.

Even though our friendship didn’t go as well as expected, but he is no doubt a really good photographer! These are some of the pictures he took when we traveled together.



That’s the only (cryptic) picture you will ever see of him. Yeap.


Went to Hotel W for all these amazing shots.


It was super autumny and super beautiful <3

Almost sacrificed my life for this photo cuz had to take out legging to look good and my legs became ice potong T_T. But it’s all worth it!

I must say i had a really good time in the end in Korea, especially after i met the Good Samaritan. Our story was really like the characters straight out of any soppy Korean Drama, except that there should be another super rich Korean guy who owns a castle and may or may not actually be a Korean Prince to go after me, and that i didn’t get some fatal blood cancer that makes me lose my memory and look extra pale but beautiful, and also find out that the Good Samaritan is actually my long lost brother.

I mean, apart from that, it was almost like a fairy tale.

This is a video he took of us and Audrey  when she was about to go back to Malaysia and i pretended to miss her and dowan let her go (ok actually i did T___T) because we had such a great time together.

Tried to speak in Korean, I said “Kajima” means “Don’t Go!” and she just flung my hand away (!!!!) and said “A Shibbal!” means “F**K” wtf.

Ok one last picture!


It was a beautiful autumn holiday, and if you plan to travel to Seoul, please remember to eat Red Mango. Super yummy frozen yogurt. And maybe you should try your luck buying a pair of army boots and meet your own Good Korean Samaritan!

Go to , maybe you’re still in luck to hunt for your low fare holiday to Seoul nao.