Short post on a one week fashion! #lazyblogger

Day 1

W♥C Jumpsuit from minimaos.

Necklace from Juicy Couture.

Straw hat from a million years ago dunno where.

Day 2

W♥C I’m Poor But Good Looking (#truth) from minimaos.

Jeans and belt from BACI.

Minnie bag from Samantha Thavasa.

Day 3

White top from BACI

Maxi skirt from Warehouse bought like a zillion years ago never wear wtf.

Day 4

Socks from Tutuanna

Fringe wedges from minimaos omg super love!


Snidel polka bodysuit from minimaos

Vintage necklace from lololook (i think they haven’t updated yet)

Miu miu inspired heels from minimaos

Day 6

Floral top from lololook (haven’t updated too)

Alba Rosa Kago bag from minimaos.

Day 7

This was my bday outfit. But not bday suit wtf.

Egoist sheer white top from minimaos.

Army boots from a Korean Good Samaritan™.

Day Bonus

Ya i also wish one week got 8 days haih.

Samantha Floral Teddy from minimaos.

Ok that’s all. Will update again when i’m not a #lazyblogger.

But i try to post useless fashion picture everyday on Cheeserland FB, so… you know la.