Spent my weekend clearing my wardrobe and here’s two whole full luggages of stuff (i think) i don’t want anymore. The last time i did that was around the same time last year!


I think i could just sell them off pasar malam price and get some extra money to buy more stuff. Wa if i keep doing this i will have new clothes forever wtf.

Then also i took shitload of pictures of the clothes (i thought) i will never wear anymore but the thing is that once you put it on it’s like wtf it looks so good on me why didn’t i want to wear it anymore?! So yea i might change my mind any time also because i’m a woman wtf so maybe i will still end up keeping some of those stuff in my wardrobe for another two years or so, completely untouched.

Haven’t had time to edit the new pictures but these are some of the stuff i compiled.


More coming soon and i posted them all on FACEBOOK so you know what to do la if you want to see more update wtf.


Anyway i also did something totally unexpected the other day!

I went rock climbing wtf.=)


I really am boulder than i thought!!! (pun wtf)

The Nuffies tweeted one picture of me climbing and nobody believed it’s me wtf. They say confirm photoshopped my face onto some other chicks body. Anyway i think it was quite fun except that the next day you may be walking like a zombie cuz cannot feel your arms wtf.


I only drove all the way to Wangsa Maju and tried this out because Milkadeal had an awesome 70% off deal on Mad Monkeyz indoor climbing gym. Who can say no to discount! Find out more deals every day at Milkadeal!