Means tongue twister in Japanese. That’s my useless video of the week.

Hair style in the video.

Super easy style and super useful for bad hair day where straightening and curling your hair isn’t an option.




And here’s useless fashion pic!!


Liz Lisa dress from minimaos.


Orange cropped jacket from Azorias. Wedges from Japan.


Off shoulder blouse by Liz Lisa, from minimaos. Skirt from Azorias.

Azorias is giving RM25 vouchers to everyone who registers for an account! Also LIKE their Facebook page for more updates and goodies! ^^


Pic was taken before i close my luggage case. Top from HK!


Picture taken AFTER i closed my luggage case, Nope it is still not unpacked. Yes. Until today. Sequined fringe top i wore inside out! Zomg so worth it! lol. White loafers from Japan.

Jin me lousy Facebook Page cuz i will be updating exclusive fashion pix there!!




Ok noob geek talk!!

I know previously my blog is super frustrating to read because every time i update there will be a short down time and everyone complained that they can’t load my blog.

Well guess what!! I have upgraded my server in ServerFreak, and the problem seems to have resolved! It’s smoother and faster nao!! 😀 😀

They tech support is also awesome, responds to me almost immediately. And i am super noob with all the technical terms so most of the time i was like, domain what? where? How do i do that? But they are always super patient and help me solve my issues promptly!

Check out their packages here!