The predicted date is 21 December, 2012.

If it is true, then it leaves us like really just one year and a little more. I know it is silly to think about things that may not even happen. Or… is it really?

Most prophecies predict an apocalyptical event that will lead to the end of the world and human civilization. Others say those theories could be interpreted  as a just major transformative event that will make an impact but might not kill everyone of us living on this planet.

We survived many predicted “end of the world” days before and many that awkward moment when the world didn’t end.

I really hope the world is not gonna end in one year, man. I am really quite happy with my life right now and it will suck if i cannot live till i can see my prefect straight teeth after my invisalign. Also i have some exciting projects yet to finalized that will hopefully bring better money and personal satisfaction. It will be shitty if i die.

Just say, hypothetically, if it’s super fucking confirmed that the world is gonna end next year December, what will you do?

One year is not a lot, but it is still a lot of time, compared to like, “oh say you’re gonna die tomorrow, what will you do?”.

Will you still work as hard knowing that everything is going to end in a year?

If i stop making plans outside a one-year time frame, things suddenly become so different. I don’t have to worry about the future anymore. I don’t need to think about having a family, especially not kids cuz i so sanfu waste time get pregnant give birth then BAM my baby dies wtf? Together with everyone else WTF?

So that’s actually a very comforting thought, knowing that i dont have to go through that anymore, because it has been bothering me quite abit for awhile now (the whole… baby thing) (omg i just disgusted myself typing it out) and i secretly wanted one. On my own obviously since no one is marrying me anytime soon.

Anyway. Oh then also i will stop most of my work and spent most of my savings doing whatever the hell i want. Err.. mainly traveling, i guess. See the world, whatever. Cliches like that. But the phrase see the world is now more appropriate than ever to use, because, you know, like, see it before it ends.

But it will be wise to still keep aside enough money as an emergency fund for that awkward moment… just in case i survive the apocalypse wtf. I will be so fucked if all my money is gone and the world doesn’t end :X

And also i think i can afford to be less vain because if i’m gonna die in one year, i don’t really care if i die 5KG fatter. So chances are i will also eat whatever the hell i want and fuck being healthy. I will sapu all the expensive sushi in Japan i could just drool at. Arigatou.

I think that’s all for now la. I’m not even half-joking. I really think i should at least check off a few things on my bucket list before i see one bright light flash before me and everyone else and i go, damn, i should have shaken Nakata Yasutaka’s hand and seen what Greece is like wtf *dies


What would you do if the world is going to end next year?






(back to reality and resumes life :X )


Party like the world is gonna end tomorrow!! (Sorry :X)

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XPLAY, Kota Kinabalu

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