Ok the title is misleading but that kind of is the whole point.

I don’t always post picture of my house but when i do, they are still not pictures of my house trolololol.

It’s because i’ve moved in here three years, and it had never been a point where i could keep it decently livable (by common standard, not mine) for more than 5 hours.

There was a point i had to walk like my floor is a minesweeper game wtf.

But i recently had a minor makeover for my house, i changed my ceiling lights, bought a few cabinets, a big ass wall mirror, a new desk (and almost a new imac wtf), and it miraculously stayed neat till today.

I guess it is all about effort and commitment.

It was so simple. I just had to stop throwing everything on my couch, and start putting things back where they belong, one at a time.

If i can commit to keeping my house clean, man i can commit to doing many other things. It’s one power i never realized i had.



Shoe cabinet



Book shelves. You can make a guess of 3 books i love to bits, 3 i rolled my eyes from the beginning till the end and 3 i couldn’t even bother to read wtf.



My new accessory case.


New cabinet to store my make up. Was given a whole series of new make up stuff for review. Soon!!!


New bedside lamp in my room.


Duffies and Shelliemay. Yea they are gay.


This is Classical teddies and a mini Champouf!


My large pink Champouf is finally here!!! Cute until dunno what. Get it from minimaos.

My house is totally mess-free now and awesome!!! Except…