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Ok this is awkward but today will be the first ever time ever i talk about le sex topic wtf. *pokerface.jpg

I know most of us girls are vain and we care about our skin,  and how we look with nice hair and clothes, and fear aging etc etc. But have you ever thought about taking care of your inner health aka your vajayjay?

I mean, that could be the very important “inner beauty” that you have been missing out wtf. (HOR now we know what men means when they say “i love girls with inner beauty”!!!!)


Our body needs exercise to stay young and healthy and so do our vajayjays wtf.

Which is why we do Kegel exercise (pelvic floor muscle exercise)!

However, many women do not know where their pelvic floor muscle is. Like any other muscles, without exercise (uhm, le sexy time doesn’t count), the pelvic floor muscles stretch and weaken as part of our natural process in aging.


For those who are curious, here’s where the pelvic floor muscles are. Can you locate it?

And that is why Kegel exercise is really important:

1. Prevent Pelvic Organ Prolapse and treat Urinary Stress Incontinence (means you wet yourself due to weak pelvic floor muscles)

2. Pregnancy and delivery directly stretches and weakens the Pelvic Floor, causing urine control difficulties for months to years after childbirth.)

3. When your vajayjay gets old and saggy *gasp* and it will be less sexy time instead of le sexy time T___T.


Ever wondered how you can achieve more orgasms with your4 partner? Exercising these lovely muscles can increase sexual satisfaction not only for our partners but for ourselves. This is because satisfaction for both partners often depends on good tone in muscles surrounding the vagina. The Pelvic Floor muscles are directly responsible for contracting rhythmically during orgasms. Weak and flabby muscles are less sensitive during sex due to inefficient blood flow and nerve supply to the pelvic region. Many women are not aware of this and suffer in silence not being able to pleasure themselves and their partners.
– Social & psychological consequences due to incontinence and sexual dissatisfaction: loss of self-esteem, depression, anxiety, feelings of helplessness, and adapting a less active lifestyle.

Do you know that the pelvic floor muscles are directly responsible for contracting rhythmically during orgasms? Weak and flabby muscles are less sensitive during le sexy time due to inefficient blood flow and nerve supply to the pelvic region.

So if you want better and more quality le sexy time, you need Kegel excercise and here’s something that can help you with it:


Vibrance Kegel Device. (It’s okay, neither have i. >.<)


And it looks like this!!

I know now y’all are like


Wait for it, i will explain.


So in this little box, it contains the important Kegel Device, which looks like this.


i know, i know. It’s not really what you think it is, but it’s kinda really what you think it is.

Vibrance Kegel Device is a medical device that helps pelvic floor exercises, ensuring it is done efficiently, accurately and strengthening them in the process, because many woman do it wrongly and don’t even know where it is!

So this device helps you determine that the correct muscle is being exercised as opposed to doing it wrongly by contracting our abdomen, thigh or buttock muscles.

If you contract the right muscle, the device will have an active biofeedback through mild vibration (!!!!!) This gives you the confidence that you are exercising the correct muscle.


Those 3 rubbery things that you saw just now, are actually resistance sheaths. Now think of it like doing weights. Once you find a 5KG weights easy peasy, you want to increase it to maybe 7KG. and that’s how the resistance sheaths work, they are all the same size but with increasing stiffness for 3 levels.

Once you master level 3, man you have a Super Vajayjay wtf. #megusta.jpg


It also comes with audio guided training with a click of a button at the bottom. It helps us keep track when to contract and relax during our exercise with a beep sound. The exercise is about 5 minutes long and recommended to be done twice daily.

Now about the material, it is made of  Medical Grade Silicone Rubber that is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. It’s easy to clean, and fits all inside a box that’s compact, lightweight and portable.

So yea i made a meme of Derpina with a Vibrance Kegel Device lolol

And the sequel:

Good news is!

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Lubricant and cleanser.

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And i wish you all a happy le sexy time!!!