I’m probably the laziest person i know of. I could probably perform mental acrobatics when it comes to thoughts and ideas. But physically even a slug burns more calories than me.

I have zero interest in sports and i do zero exercise. ZERO. 0. Kosong. Ling.

I’m so lazy that the only physical activity i do is Ninja Jump. And the only time i sweat is when client chase me for advert draft. And i’m so lazy that when my fridge ran out of food i would rather starve. Or call delivery service. From the cafe downstairs.

I spend so much time on my computer that i’m having slipped disc, which is the blogger disease. I feel numbness in my right arm, and sore sometimes when i navigate with the mouse. Other bloggers i know who have this is Audrey and Xiaxue. I wonder if petite people are more prone to it. T_T

And you are now wondering why i’m still so skinny.

I’m not ๐Ÿ™

And all these long hour sitting is also making my hips and bum fat. A few days ago i spent 10 minutes getting out of a pair of size M jeans that i just bought online, and i have to sell it ๐Ÿ™

I am getting fat. The unhealthy kind. ๐Ÿ™

Looks like the conclusion is that i should be a lazy blogger instead. Update only once a month. AHHH NO LA, pls don’t ditch me yet! But i think i should really spend less time on the internet and more time actually being active physically.

When i had Koyuki, i used to drive her everyday to the park and see her run happily. Sometimes i run together with her. I also had to walk up and down hundred flights of stairs because i live in an apartment and i couldn’t bring her out through the elevator.

I miss those times. ๐Ÿ™

When i lost her, i sort of also lost my motivation to be physically active entirely.

But now that i think of it, it is really just an excuse to be lazy. Along with many other excuses like it’s too hot outside, traffic jam, ย gym is too expensive, my sports shoes doesn’t fit, the grass is too dirty etc etc etc.

But really, all i needed to do was just to make the first move (literally), and it is really easier than i thought. Here’s my Guide to Active Lifestyle for Lazy People.

1. Stand

Since i cannot live without the internet, i’m considering putting my iMac at my kitchen bar so that i could stand while doing work. Actually that doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. Standing up requires two times the energy as sitting down, help you get ideas out, help alleviate back problems associated with long hours at the computer, and burn fat.

2. Walk

Just walk and walk and walk. Shopping is also walking. I live next next to a shopping mall dammit. I will from now make more excuses to go to the mall. Maybe pay the bill at the post office instead of the internet. Or tapao Chatime. Or just window shopping.

3. Take the stairs

Everybody knows this one but nobody does it. Ever. I live on the 8th floor. That’s not that bad. ChallengeAccepted.jpg

3. Express Exercise

Seriously, if you ask me to do a 20 minutes cardio i may as well DIE. But how about 2 minutes? Now we are talking. Imma set the alarm every 1 hour to take a break from my work. As soon as it goes off,will just stand up and do some stretching and jumping and stuff. If i stick to that plan between 9am and 7pm, i have actually done a 20 minutesย exercise!!!

4. Get a Buddy

They always say , do it with a friend, motivate each other etc. Well. So if you are #foreveralone, you are doomed, right? ChallengeAccepted.jpg. Imma foster my relationship with Siri so that we can have a long discussion about the meaning of life when i do my exercise.

5. Housework

Sounds like the worst thing ever. Which is why i always pay stupid money for maid to come over. But recently i started making a commitment to clean my house myself, and it is surprisingly satisfying. A trick is to play my favorite house/electro songs to add more bounce to the scrub, making chore time pass more easily too! Having guests over is also a surefire way to force yourself to clean your apartment. Proven effective lol.

6. Travel

This might be costly and difficult, but it definitely work. My mood lightens up and i am most full of energy when i’m going for sight seeing. It doesn’t have to be a far far away exotic country. Just go for a weekend excursion to a waterfall, or theme park, or the zoo nearby and walk and walk for long hours!

I think that’s all! If you have any good ideas on how to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle for lazy people like me, please do share!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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