There was a time just two years ago where i felt as if dreams that i had all my life, was happening there in Japan, and i was about to lose it. All of it. And i wanted to. And i would never be able to feel the same way about it again.

But every time i go back to Japan, it just feels like falling in love all over again.

2012 couldn’t have a better start than this. Just a short one week trip and it was almost mostly work (filming for a production), but it touched me in so many small little different ways, every single day i discovered a new feeling, a new surprise, a new thing to love.

And most of all i feel loved.

That i have so many people who care for me even in a far far away place like Japan.

It was the best feeling in the world. I was traveling with, of all people, my #addiction, that alone was gonna make the trip super awesome. And then i met so many people who was there just for us, who cared for us, and many other little things that brought tears of joy to our eyes.

Thank you every one who have made this trip one of the best holidays ever.

Our last night in Tokyo, we made use of the opportunity to kill like 8 birds with one stone WTF because that was the only time we had time to meet people we haven’t met, and also re-meeting awesome people we have met.

(from top left) Kuma San 1 and Kuma San 2 who filmed us, Jasman (from Malaysia who works with the Japanese filming team) and Benjamin our reader who came all the way to meet us for dinner.

Shintaro and Yuta who traveled all the way from Tokyo to meet us. It’s such a small world. Guess where we first met?! You’ll never have guessed it! We met on Nuffnang Blogger Awards night!!!!

They brought us Belgian Waffles from Tokyo.

All of us went to Universal Studio Japan (USJ) together! Shintaro, Yuta and Katou whom i haven’t met for 3 years. So so so glad to have met them this trip!

Roses from Imai san who also read us a super touching letter to thank us for sparing time for filming, famous plushies (forgot the name)  souvenir from Ben, shampoo set from Kuma San 1, and souvenir from Shintaro and Yuta.

And then the best souvenir, a Hello Kitty gift bag each for me and Aud.

Hello Kitty Omamori (wishing charm) !!!!

Caught a cold during our stay in Kyoto, and too sick to go out to buy medicine. Was the most meh day of our trip. And then the hotel door bell rang and the reception boy sent me this bottle of flu pills. It was truly like a sent from above moment. Except that it was technically sent by a phone call from Australia. I really teared this time.

Also, during Hatsumode (first shrine visit of Japanese new year) i went for Koi Omikuji (Love Paper Fortune), and got the best fortune paper ever.

I just have a feeling that 2012 is gonna be the best year ever. I’m all ready for the end of the world. Come at me, zombie bro.




Compulsory Useless Fashion of the Week:




Top from EMODA fukubukuro!!!!

EMODA quilted coat also from fukubukuro!!!!!!


Rosebullet One Piece from minimaos. Liz Lisa boots from minimaos.


Top from Loose House fukubukuro. Bag from EMODA! めっちゃお気に入り!!!


Super duper love!


Top from EMODA, scarf from Loose House, army laced shorts from Lip Service.


Outer from Loose House


Top from EMODA, necklace from MURUA, high waisted pants from EMODA, and the best purchase 1000 yen shoes.


airport outfit. Cropped top from EMODA.

Ok that’s all! Once i gather the courage to actually open my luggage, will blog about my shopping haul!!!! So excited!!!!!