Ok here’s a big confession but you have to promise me not to strangle me with your sweatpants.

i actually hate watching Glee wtf.

*prepare scissors to fight sweatpants*

I am always very baffled why all me friends seem to like it even though i deem they have pretty decent taste in movies and good level of humor.

Admittedly i watched the entire season one, more often than not end up really angry because the entire plot makes no sense, and it isn’t the least bit funny. Unless you consider a slushie down Rachel’s face every alternate day as hilarious. True that you watch it for the music, but then again if i want good music i may as well just play my iTune and read 9gag, that’s at least like a light year more entertaining.

What i cannot tahan most is when they suddenly just break into a dance performance, can anyhow just go wild at a RANDOM PLACE, walking down a street having wind machine blowing at their hair or staring dramatically into the mirror at themselves and sing as if they have built in autotune in their throat. -_-


That is why i hate watching it because it has ZERO LOGIC.

But i recently saw a video, and it made me realize that OMFG wrong i was. Fundamentally impractical scenes like those in Glee, actually, happened , in real life. Like, right here. In Malaysia. More precisely at KLIA.


And i was shamelessly fascinated by it. It was a flashmob performance happening on the 14th January at KLIA. Just like Glee, they just suddenly break into a dance performance unexpectedly among unsuspecting onlookers.

Here’s the video!

Thank god they didn’t do it in the departure hall if not everyone will miss their flight HAHAHA.

I am really super curious how it is done! Because i always think that the airport is the one place with tighest security but at 0:24 the security yelling “STOP” was hilarious lolol.

My favorite was the last song, very lovely song made me even a little touched *faces away. Love how the flashmob crowd of people from all walks of life just joined in the song, and how they just dispersed as if nothing had happened and carry on doing their things as usual.

This is DEFINITELY better than Glee. Well done MAS and KLIA!

And the Argentinian guy at the end was also damn funny “does it happen all the time here?” HAHAHA. When he said “this is the best airport in the world” i also felt very proud and touched wtf. *emotionally weak

I totally wished that i witness that in real life because it was too cool. Honestly i really hate airports, maybe i always associate it with how #foreveralone i was. It was more often than not a sad affair for me. Plus i always go to and back from airport alone one lo. This would totally make my day.

Thank you for the effort, MAS, for making KLIA a more cheery and happy place. It’s hard to feel sad after witnessing such fun-filled surprise performance. Whoever was there was sure to be infected with some kind of bounce off that awesome energy.