i literally kneeled down and thanked every single god i ever know existed in history books and my memory. Including Christopher Nolan. And Chuck Norris. You know, just in case.


If you know me well enough you know that i don’t do this god stuff. Except maybe Cheesus Crust. During pizza time. But i do believe in fate. And i also almost believed that it was my fate that i’m destined to be foreveralone, and that it was my trade off for having other rare privileges. Life is not perfect and i understood and wanted to accept it.

But secretly i prayed so hard. To every god i ever know existed in history book and my memory. Sometimes in multiple languages. Just to up my chances.

And then one day, (one of the) god(s) must have been really bored. He picked up my prayer hotline and answered it.

So, if you guys must know, i have met someone.

*waves hands up and down to silence gasps*

I know right. Just a couple of months ago i was lamenting and whining about my lack of luck in relationship. I must have made so much noise that even gods couldnt tahan anymore wtf.

Right, god?

I’d also like to take this opportunity to make a public apology for calling you Scumbag God. I take that back now. Here are ten thousand witnesses. *cues virtual nods* Unless you are going to tell me you didn’t do it. The aliens did. Then my accusation stands. Unless, of course, you are actually aliens.

So God/Aliens, thank you for letting me meet someone who is so sweet it made me tear.

Someone who gives me so much without asking what’s in for him in return.

Someone whom i didn’t immediately friendzone just because he is nice. (Guys, i’m here to restore your hope: Effort pays off).

Someone who has touched me in ways that nobody has ever had. (my heart la, don’t simply think.)

Someone who lets me know how much more i am worth and how much better i deserve to be treated, after all those guys who were only willing to make half-ass effort which made me believe that that was the best i could ever ask for.

Someone i fell in love with.

Now i am quite terrified by this sudden strike of luck. I am so used to working hard for everything i want: money, security, respect, popularity, lifestyle. And i obtained them. By working hard for it. Except love. I guess it is not something you can get by just putting all your heart sweat and blood in. At least it didn’t work for me.

So i wonder what i did to deserve this luck. Like, what’s the catch? What do i have to sacrifice in exchange for this new found fortune? Because all i did was public whining and self-pitying and maybe a little bit of a mix of desperate waiting and praying. Unless those are counted as effort. But i did maybe in passing made some vague statement to god/aliens that i was willing to give up other things in life for love. Ok shit me, i announced it on my blog. :X

So now i am scared shitless. But happy. Shitlessly happy.

I don’t know what will happen, because nobody knows. Except maybe Chuck Norris. That’s why i still try to talk to him sometimes. Maybe there will be a happy ending, maybe there will not. It is way too soon to talk about forever right now.

But all i know is that for now i am not alone, and i know that this will work, because i want it to.

Because man, he is a catch so great imma buy fucking gunny sack and thick ropes and scotch tapes and metal chain wtf.

FML this shit just got real.

I know la. Now you’re all like, pic or didn’t happen!!!!

You guys are probably right. Maybe I’m totally making this up.