This is gonna make everyone jealous.

The last trip, i was in Japan for 21 days in total. From 21 Feb till 12 march.

This is gonna make everyone even more jealous.

I ate SO MUCH. Yet not only did i not gain any weight, i actually lost weight.

I was 42kg before i went there.


Some of my friends think that it might be due to stress since i was involved in a competition, like how i lost 5kg when i was in MDG in 2008. But i was happy everyday. Nervous yes, but happy.

After a long thought, i came to the conclusion that i lost weight even though i ate a lot because everything i ate was healthy. Aud can testify this. She told me when she was studying in Japan, no matter how much she ate she couldn’t get pass 35KG.


Even though most of the time during the competition we only had fast food bento, but even lunch boxes there are so nutritionally balanced that i feel healthy.

Here’s a 21 days diary of some of the things i had during my stay in Japan.



My first meal in Japan. Lunchbox with salmon and veggies.


Asparagus and scallop pesto pasta





Chili prawn and veg lunch box.



Mix lunch box.



Meat and Veg bento.



Amy and i cooked breakkie in the hotel. I looooooove spinach and bacon!!!


Healthy soba in clam soup.



Low fat sushi!


Ebi fry and salad.




TGC day! The catering was superb!


Farewell party we have Sekai No Yamachan chicken wing and lotsa salad.


Horumon cabbage and Mentai Tamagoyaki.



Super healthy Mizutaki (chicken steamboat in light broth)



Hotel buffet. I had rice with mentaiko topping and lotsa veg!


Black pork shabu shabu!



Kumamoto Ramen!


Yamanaka Motsunabe, where i had the BESTEST edamame in my entire life.



Set dinner in Aso, Kumamoto.


Tonkatsu set!


Lunch at 76 Cafe!



Homecooked nabe! Almost 90% were veggies!!


Do you notice lots of green in all the food i had? Even i had lots of fried tempura and stuff, it didn’t feel oily at all, because they also had lotsa fresh salad and black tea to help digestion!


Seriously i feel sooooooo good eating Japanese food. And i feel that i want to continue eating healthy like this forever.

It might be hard now that i have come back to Malaysia. Let’s be frank and admit that Malaysian food is not one of the healthiest, and i don’t cook so it’s really almost impossible to eat healthily.

But i feel inspired. I have done it for 21 days, and you know they say that it takes 21 days to truly change a behavior, or beat a bad habit? I can do it again, because it is for my own good.



I’m using the 21 Days app by Great Eastern Life on my phone to help me stick to my new resolution.

It’s a free and really simple app, but it is really useful. I discovered it on the last day in Japan and i set my goal.


It is To Eat More Vegetables and Fruits.

And this promise is made to my mother, because my health is probably the only thing she worries about now, as i am happy, content, no longer foreveralone and at the same time enjoying life!

I just want to assure her that i am determined to eat more healthily.

I started using this app in the plane on the way back to Malaysia.

And cheers to the next healthy 21 days and many more to come.
Download Great Eastern 21 days app on your iPhones and Androids. Also, check out their Wellness Profiling Tool on their website that helps you find out how healthy you are in a variety of areas.

Here’s my score and OBVIOUSLY i need to improve on my fitness level. T_T


Go find out and all the best!!