So in the last post where i wrote that i was changing Cheddie’s diet from human food to Pedigree, i received many many comments saying that Pedigree is horrible for pets and some accused me for not doing research.

Honestly i have had her for 5 years, and as an owner of a first pet (before i got Koyuki later on), i was so clueless and confused. I did so much research until i gave up. No matter which brand you choose there will be comments on forum that say that it’s horrible and will kill your pet.

Actually i noticed that people are just harsher and super self-righteous when it comes to pets, i have no idea why. Like Xiaxue’s Pumpkin incident. Or me joking about sixteen-eared raccoons. Even when i lost Koyuki somebody commented that i deserved it because i don’t love her, etc. No matter what you do there will be people who think you are wrong. “If you love her don’t do this”, “do that only if you wish your dog dead”.

Please lo so then if you smoke also you are slowing killing everyone around you, and if you treat your friend oily nasi lemak also you wish your friend dead meh? Human food is SO MUCH MORE EVIL than most of the pet food anyway. Just think about what you eat.

I just don’t get why people become so much more judgmental to what other people do to their own pets. Unless we actually saw our dog’s ears off la. Why do you think i stopped blogging about pets altogether?

So the reason why i still continue feeding Cheddie Pedigree (not completely, i am still introducing it slowly to her diet as she seems to enjoy fresh food more) is that:

1. Dogs required complete and balanced nutrition

A dog requires about 40 essential nutrients, each in the right form and in the right amount balanced to deliver complete nutrition.

Each essential nutrient has a recommended minimum daily requirement that has been defined through many years of research. Where appropriate, a maximum daily intake has also been defined. To deliver a complete and balanced nutrition each essential nutrient should fall within the minimum and maximum levels required by dogs.

2. Why a dog needs balanced diet?

Apart from baby formula industry, the pet food industry is the only manufacturer that needs to make diets that are complete and balanced. For each nutrient there is a minimum level that is needed and for some nutrients there are maximum levels above which the nutrient can become toxic.

3. Human food VS pet food

Diets that are suitable for humans rarely deliver enough nutrients for dogs without excessive overfeeding. It is very hard to make a complete and balanced pet food at home. Most home prepared foods are incomplete and may impair the health and vitality of dogs. They have been linked to increased risk of obesity and other health issues.

Even though home cook food is safe, fresh, and well savored by Cheddie, it doesn’t mean that it is the best diet for her. Most of the time my mom feed her boiled chicken and carrot, or mostly what is convenient when she prepares dinner for the human family.

It is sweet and lovely but that doesn’t mean it’s best for her health.

But Cheddie is still taking half human food and half kibbles from Pedigree. Of course we won’t see a magical change in a short couple of weeks, but so far all her stools are very pretty lol and she seems happier and more active these days, maybe because i have also been spending more time with her.

Happy mommy and happy doggy!