One of the most frequently asked questions from my readers is,

“Cheesie, how on earth do you afford to travel so much?!”

Recently, every single day i feel more thankful than ever that i am so lucky to have all these things in my life that other people consider a privilege and luxury they can never have.

This year alone i have traveled to Japan every single month and each time 3 weeks, and all of them are for work so they are all paid for, except my self-funded trip to Osaka with Aud January. Even that was partly subsidized, for a filming program that we did. Right this moment in typing this sitting at a corner in Tokyo.

ALL the wonderful things i’ve ever experienced here in Japan.

Every time i post about Japan, some one my readers who have never been there will comment and say that they are so so so envious and wish that they could be here one day too, but they just have no money to travel right this moment.

I had been that person too.

Money was indeed a factor. I only went to Japan for the first time when i was 24 when i finally saved RM5,000. Now that doesn’t sound so bad isn’t it? Most of you are younger than me , and here’s me motivating you to save more money to pursue your dreams, because i know how it feels.

Now that i earn more and have extra money to go traveling more often, it really feels like i’m living the life that i dreamed to live. But say if i was lucky and had saved  or was somehow given that RM5,000 earlier, i could have fulfilled one of my biggest dreams earlier, and i would have done much more by now.


I am all for responsible spending habit. AVOID DEBT LIKE IT IS A ZOMBIE COCKROACH is my general policy on finance lol.

Admittedly i own 2 credit cards but that was because it comes with my house loan -_-. But i have NEVER abused my cards to buy things i cannot afford, and i always make sure that i have the money to pay back before i swipe.

I have started using credit card for 4 years now, and i have NEVER ever paid extra interest just because i couldn’t come up with the money to pay back (i did pay a few late payment fee due to negligence though -_-).




In April i applied for Citibank Ready Credit and it pretty much help materialized some of my biggest dreams.

Including going for hanami (sakura watching) this early April.

It is a whole new concept that i have never heard before and i doubt i could explain everything in even one very long blog post, because it took me like half an hour to understand it.

But let’s just say that it is a relatively new all-in-one banking tool which allows easy and quick access to cash on flexible terms.

On even simpler terms, it is basically clean personal overdraft at your full control.

Sometimes one cannot just spend only the money we earn. Sometimes unexpected events creep up, or maybe you want to start a business, go for a dream holiday, renovate your house, or secure yourself a wife because your girlfriend won’t marry you without diamond ring lol.

And right now, i am actually using it as a debit card (because i had the extra cash and i want to stay debt-free), and i love it due to several reasons.

One of the reasons is that I go overseas ALOT and it’s always dangerous to carry too much cash. But i can now withdraw money from Ready Credit just like an ATM card without any charge. That’s holy good news because all i need now is one single card and i can survive in a foreign country without any worry. Plus i will never have to worry about running out of cash, or hesitate when i see something i really really want but out of budget. My principle is buy it or regret forever wtf. Especially when you are traveling because once you miss it you kinda miss it forever.

Also i love the mobile app!

It directs you to the nearest ATM omg super useful especially when you are overseas!!!!! There are also 300,000 Citibank & VISA Plus ATMs worldwide so it’s super helpful for frequent travelers like myself.

There are many many more features about Ready Credit that i cannot finish explaining in this post, so for more information on Citibank Ready Credit, check out the following:



And i really think everyone deserves a dream holiday as long as you remember to practice responsible finance habit. And be thankful and appreciative for all these little luxuries you have in your life, that is the most important (now i sound like a priest lol).

Now go buy that air ticket!!! 😀 😀 😀