Fashion post again!!

Japan has the best weather ever now, it’s warm and breezy in the afternoon, sometimes it could even get a little hot. And totally in the mood to dress up awesome <333

Pictures below are taken back in Malaysia!


WC galore!!




In the mood for MODE





Romantic MODE


Color lens in Lilac Purple by RainbowColor.

A lot of people ask me to do this hair tutorial. My god i say also u won’t believe how simple it is. Just take a chunk of hair, anyhow twist it and anyhow pin it at the side. lol

(I can never ever be a make up/hair guru fml)


Most MODE of all MODE today hahahah



A change of style! Color lens in Wood Ash by RainbowColor.



Selling the pink bag! Email me!!


This hair style also a lot of people ask. Ok this one is slightly trickier but still i think anyone can do it!!!



Cheat One Shoulder Bob. This one i teach before oredi lolol. Crochet Shorts from Ellysage.


Denim halter top and vera structured blazer from Ellysage.



Before going on a one-day trip to Bangkok! Shade’s kareshi’s!




A photoshoot! Black top from!



Lots of pearls!



Make-up! See how BIG DIFFERENCE a pair of color lens can make????

In Earth Brown by Rainbow Color!







LOVE this citrus top i bought from Harajuku!!!







I didn’t do this hair!  Amy from Number76 did!

And she is now in Japan for holiday/training because she’s now a qualified stylist (previously assistant) at Number76!!! We are going to meet up!!! 😀

I’m sooo happy for her because she’s super nice and easy-going and she always emo to me how much she cried when she didn’t pass an exam because other Japanese stylists are so strict on her lol. So now she has finally graduated and is a professional stylist. Look for her and rest assured you are in good hands (ask her for free massage lol).

(Don’t say i say one)



That was after i took off the Dutch braids Amy did for me. HAHAHA look at my T-shirt Braidception wtf.



Slept with it, and the next day i woke up with super nice waves!




Also some of the other things that’s happening in my life…




I’m custom-making my wedding dress (not this one) and it’s going to be pink wtf. More on that later.



I also did a few fashion shoots and i also have new fashion projects coming up! Can’t reveal yet but stay tuned!!!


Didn’t even know i was featured in NHK Kawaii International until a friend sent me this screenshot!!

It is a TV program that resembles Tokyo Kawaii TV but IN ENGLISH!!! And the good news is!!! You guys can all catch it ONLINE, LIVE!!!

The better news is!! This coming 6th June i will be doing a filming with Kawaii International so you guys will see me on TV again, IN ENGLISH!!! So no need translation!! I hope you all are not bored of me yet lolol. #humblebrag


Xiaxue and i featured in Elle Girl in Japan.


That’s all!






RainbowColor Contest


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Super good news: Contest open for readers WORLDWIDE!!!


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