That’s the online version of Star Property article if you all missed print!

And blog post on my haos as promised!

All these while i never talked much about my house because first of all i feel a little unsafe to reveal too much about where i stay, and secondly i’m just very shy la.

But i agreed to do this interview and it turned out pretty nice <3

I must give credit to the photographer because she made my house looks 1000% cleaner and prettier in pictures :X

(That quote is true)

I have been getting waaay too many requests on a room tour, and i actually did a video of my rooms for Kawaii International, but i ter-deleted it T___T i’m so sorry.

But today i will show some pictures and talked a little about my house!





I bought this place in 2008, so i own it for about 4 years now.

It’s a studio unit about 800 sqft and i think it’s just nice for a single lady (last time la) like me, but definitely not for family living.

However when Tokyo Kawaii TV came to my house they were all OMG YOUR HOUSE IS ENORMOUS and then when they aired the episode about my house they captioned it “luxurious mansion” HAHAHHAH. Tsk Japanese lol.

Before you all go WTF Y U SO RICH, i have to tell you that i will have to pay my ass off for the next 26 years for this place i can call it my own.

 And how i could afford to get this place was because i sold my car for the down payment, and then i was car-less. For two whole years.
I just rummaged through my old hard disk and found all these pictures. This was the first ever picture i took of my house after i got my key. It was a moment of indescribable happiness. My own house!!!
Checked the date and it was taken in July 2008, exactly 4 years ago.

I think i was the earliest tenant in the entire building (i bought it first hand) because i wanted to move out from my old place in Bandar Utama to save rental.

As soon as electricity was fixed and lights and fans were installed, i moved in straight away with my tilam, pillows and bolster. I didn’t even have curtains on my windows. I used cardboards and old cloth to cover them up.


I think this is few months later after i get the wallpapers installed.

Didn’t even have a wardrobe :X


My work station. Bed sheet as curtain lolol.

Really didn’t expect curtains to be so god damn expensive because i oculdn’t buy those ready made one from Ikea as my windows are all of irregular shapes.


Also recycled super old and fugly chairs. Bought the chepaest possible sofa from Cavenzi that i ended up wanting to hurl off the balcony. Used as much extra furniture as possible to act as curtains lol.


Months later i finally saved enough for a TV and sound system but then no money to buy TV cabinet HAHHAHA.

And then i lived like that for YEARS, slowly collecting each and every piece of furniture when i have the money. I’m quite impressed at myself to be honest to be able to tahan liddat hahahhaa!

How i wish i could just write a BIG cheque and pay an interior designer to buy everything i needed at one go and move in to a fully furnished awesome little crib.

But it was trial and error, i bought stuff that i didn’t know will fit/match my house, and started from cheapo craps then slowly upgrade to better quality ones.

Anyway. Those days are history!

Now my home is finally complete and i must say that having my own home is probably my biggest achievement in life so far. I mean, a home that belongs to me!!


From zero to this!

I did a make-over a few months ago for my house, basically installed the most important piece of furniture: big-ass wall mirror, so that i could take my daily fashion pictures which is essential for this blog!

I also bought a Like-A-Boss working desk, an ergonomic chair for my long sitting hours, upgraded my ceiling lamps to better looking ones, a mac book air for my constant traveling use, and many other small decorations.

All these are made possible by  Citibank Ready Credit , which allows me to  have access to a lump sum of cash instantly and furnish my house according to the image of my dream home. I also plan to get a washing machine + dryer (been living without one for 4 years :X) and then maybe upgrade my kitchen because… the kareshi has been nagging me to learn to cook T_T.


This is my bed room. The kareshi doesn’t like this Liz Lisa Plush Toy concept and looks like i MIGHT have to change the entire bed room concept, tear down the wall paper and install mode-looking one  D:

And that’s gonna cost another big amount of $$$ T_T. Luckily i can also just write a cheque from my Citibank Ready Credit and pay for all these.

That’s why i think that young people nowadays are luckier when they purchase a property because with programs like Citibank Ready Credit PayLite, you can renovate your house all at one go and later on pay back by installment over your preferred duration you are comfortable with. Unlike  the old me who had to collect furniture piece by piece. T_T



Anyway, that’s the story of Cheesie’s Home.

Do you own a place, or plan to own a place, and do you have any story to share? ^^