Ohai everyone!

I am in Tokyo again! For fashion brand’s events and also work meetings and also basically just return the love Japan gives me. And contribute a bit to their economy wtf.

I have braced myself for the heat because friends who have been there recently all said Malaysia is like an ice box compared to Tokyo weather. Ok i might have slightly exaggerated their statement but oh well i was prepared!

I have been in Japan during beginning of September with Xiaxue two years ago and we almost died drowing in our own sweat.

To my surprise!

It was summer weather no doubt, kinda just like Malaysian weather but quite breezy and completely bearable! I guess i am lucky!

This is my morning today <3

Every time i land my foot in Japan i feel that it is the start of a different life. I feel different. I speak different. I behave different. it is like i’m living two lives. Almost like playing multiple characters in Diablo wtf. Which is quite awesome but less monsters to kill. I kinda blogged abut wanting to live several lives at the same time and i surprised myself that it is in a way quite possible.

On another grotesque note, i had a sudden breakout all over my face last week. I didn’t blog/tweet about it because it was embarrassing. I didn’t go out for one whole week.

(This is not a bad picture. It looks about 5 times worse in real life).

I had no idea how it happened. I have never had acne problems in my entire life, including teenange years. Maybe one or two occasional zits popped up before period, but that’s all. It probably wasn’t allergy because it wasn’t itchy or anything. I didn’t use any new cosmetic or change skin care product. It was a mystery.

I was terrified by this sudden… change. I couldn’t face it. Literally. lol.

Then when i put on make up it made it worse. The texture of my skin felt like tarmac. T___T

I have seen a dermatologist but the recovery seemed slow T__T.

So i asked Gin for help. Gin is Bobo’s twin sister!!! I met her when i went to Guangzhou with Audrey and she studied Chinese medicine for 8 years and is now holding a Master in Chinese Medicine there and i have no idea how she tahan that place -_-

And she specializes in ear-gazing LOLOL. She literally gazes at your ear and will be able to tell you exactly what health problems you have.

Then, she will stick magic beads onto your ear and ask you to press the bead regularly. That’s called ear acupuncture wtf.

Instead of needle, it is tiny little seeds you stick on your ears!

Like this! She gave me 3 beads, one for good sleep, one for my lungs (sinus problem) and one for my aching shoulder.

This is the new foot massage wtf.

She also goes door to door to 诊疗 (examine)! That’s her holding Audrey’s hand to 打脉。


This is Gin (Ginger)! Looks like Bobo without make up or not!!!! HAHHA


Anyway. Gin went all the way back to her kampung to help me get all these home-made chinese medicine for my skin problem.

And only two days on the medicine, i recovered almost 90%!


Now 我有脸见人again T____T


I was soooo worried and was really panicking because until the day i fly i still looked like leprosy patient T__T and i had to meet clients and go for fashion events T__T.

But all is good nao. I am so so thankful for Gin.

So i’m sharing her contact with you guys. She also has expertise in pediatrics, gynae, infertility and other health problems.

Call or text her!! Ginger Siow 011-12311937!


Ok i’m ending with picture where i actually have make up on wtf.

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Update next!! Got picture with Ena and Momoko!!! 😀