Today, this blog turns 8 years old.

And this is the 1,566th blog post since 8 years ago.

Today, 1 year ago. i was in disbelief how i have blogged for 7 years.

Today, 3 years ago, i got myself the first smart phone wtf.

Today, 4 years ago, i was amazed that i had a blog for 4 years.

Today, 6 years ago, i was still using gif file emoticons on blog.

Today, 8 years ago, i ditched diary and started a weblog. i had 0 zero readers that day. And i should really started building a secret spaceship.


And today, i am writing this in a narrow little hotel Tokyo wondering how the hell this blog has managed to made it this far.

Here’s some little trying-very-hard proofs (more to myself than anyone else, cuz i’m kind of still in disbelief and denial how all these happened)

Today i discovered that somebody made an Instagram account called the @official_cheeserland_fanclub. i didnt even know i have unofficial fan clubs hahahaha. No la. i don’t. A year ago i was so #foreveralone that you will think i made that for myself lolol.

And whoever made this, thank you. Hope you don’t ever post ugly pix of me la haha.


And then i am with my apparently *new* addiction in Tokyo for a secret mission. Addictionship Reunion.



While shopping at Harajuku today suddenly someone called our names wtf. Turn out it was our reader from Philippines who work in Tokyo.

She was so happy to meet us and we were also like super happy to get recognized wtf. And then i told her it happened a few times i got recognized in Japan but they are all foreigners who work/travel in Japan. Unless i get random Japanese coming up to talk to me i don’t think i even remotely “made it” here.


As soon as i told her that, at Laforet Harajuku a Japanese girl came and asked if i am CHIJI wtf.

Turns out she follows my blog and she works at a shop nearby. Ok i might have to take back what i just said.


And then later at an event i met a “big fan” (she say one), who works for Runway Channel and she’s so happy i joined their blog because she has followed me long time. She said she discovered me on Pinterest, and then i stopped her right there and said, but i don’t even use Pinterest! And she was like, no someone posted your picture, that’s how i got to know you and followed you on Kawaii TV and until today.



I feel very touched la.

I have said many times but i’ll say it again. All of you, who are no matter new here or have followed me a long time, thank you. Truly.

For 8 years.

Anyway, blogniversary questions!!!

1.  When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?

2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?

3. What would you like to see more this blog or anything you think can be improved?


Thanks so much. Happy 8 years Cheeserland!