Updated: I have translated the video in summary point. Google translate who cannot do voice translate, you’re a jerk.




This was one of the episodes from NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV after Kawaii Of The World contest is over.

It was aired on Apri 21 and i was in Japan that time, watching it first time on a real TV screen. It felt… weird. Watching yourself cry on tv wtf. That must be how right wingers feel.


The episode is about… Cheesie wtf. I was a bit shy at that time so i didn’t post up this video. Also i was wearing invisalign still and it looks like i had super shiny teeth i felt a little embarrassed. I am the first person i know who feels shy about super shiny teeth lol.

Anyway to be honest the whole episode was basically just a summary of what happened Kawaii Of The World contest, most of the scene was a repeat from the previous episode, but this time they also added extra footage that wasn’t shown the previous time.

So in the end it still wasn’t so All About Cheesie lol.

Oh. HI MOM YOU ARE ALSO ON JAPANESE TV! For like two seconds. Plus it’s a picture of you when you were my age and super pretty. You are welcome.


Here’s the video!

I don’t really have time to do a summary of it. T__T You can maybe ask your Siri to translate for you.




0:30 TGC is a glamorous place where only Top model get to appear, but Kawaii Of The World had an audition that will fulfill every ordinary girl’s dream: to walk on TGC’s stage. 172 girls from 11 countries joined this dream audition hoping for the runway debut at TGC.

1:00 Cheesie is one of the participants. She garnered attention with her fashion sense and language ability. During the competition comments flooded her social media. There’s a Cheesie Phenomenon?!?!?!??! (The narrator ah!! Not i say wan wtf)

1:35 She’s The Miracle Fashion Blogger (wtf).

2:15 Six finalists were selected after one whole year of audition over the world. They had to compete in a Domokun deco challenge, a make up tutorial, and producing a magazine cover.

2:57 They laughed a lot, and they cried a lot. Hello Kitty Designer Yamaguchi San and other judges gave their praises to Cheesie wtf. Cheesie’s influential power was shown during the make up tutorial challenge. (you also get to see my bare face wtf).

4:15 Cheesie jotting notes on her narration and points for the tutorial. She then gather her followers to vote for her. There were votes from Czech Republic and Brazil (omg thank you guys). And it was a lanslide victory in this challenge.

5:25 (Here’s the old footage of me that was aired for at least 600 times. I will skip this.)

6:20 Cheesie’s weapon is actually… language skill. (before i was asked to awkwardly demonstrate that to the world wtf)

6:40 Hi mom. 

7:00 Cheesie’s life was change during her highschool days (when she discovered Japanese drama etc).

7:55 Cheesie’s rival in this contest is Shiori. She is skilled at make up technique that will change her entire look.

(to be continued)




Part two will be up soon!




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