Another video of Tokyo Kawaii TV episode!

This was aired late July during mid-summer and it is alreadu autumn now but i only got the DVD last week T___T

Basically the video is about Tokyo Kawaii TV gathering 5 fashion leaders (two fashion editors, a fashion designer, charisma Gyaru Yunkoro chan, and fashion blogger… Cheesie wtf) to talk about summer trend big hits.

Can’t believe they had to show my old video clips again when i had mermaid gyaru hair wearing Liz Lisa wtf shy. Xiaxue, QQ and Aud are also briefly featured!!








Sponsored Coordinates

1. miss:fi:t


Top+bottom from miss:fi:t!

I was commenting on my FB and twitter that i would really love to post more daily coordinates, but then i took an arrow to the knee HAHAHAHA #memenerd


2. Flaunt CC

Floral dress + mint cardigan!


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