I finally get to visit the Sky Tree!

For those of you who didn’t know about Sky Tree, it is the tallest tower in the world. (Tower, not building hor. And by the way, KL Tower is ranked no. 7!)

I flown in to Japan right on it’s opening day on 22nd May, but didn’t get a chance to go there because the waiting list was insane. I heard that only one out of like 300 will be picked from online booking. But now the hype has calmed down i little i guess!

So 3 months later, i am here! The kareshi had a day off so it was our date to Sky Tree!

It costs 2000 yen to be up to the Tempo Deck. And if you wanna go even higher it’s another 1000 yen to the next observation deck.

The queue wasn’t that bad. It says waiting was 40minutes, but i think we only waited about 20 mins. Disney queue would have been waaaaay longer than that! And it was mainly just local Japanese tourists so it was super pleasant without any fuss.


We were then lead into the elevator, it light dimmed and there was illumination. It was a bit unexpected so everyone was like ooooh and whooooaing.

And then when the elevator door opened, everyone was like WHOOOOOOA all bold capital letters lol.

And then for the next 5 minutes all i heard was SUGOI SUGOI SUGO~~~~I

And then i did the same and were all like sugoi sugoi sugoi myself and got a bit choked up. (Then again you know me la, i’m super emotional when it comes to Japan, touching a stone here also makes me happy wtf.)

This was what greeted us!

Just sky and more sky to a whole new level. Literally.

Then it struck me why the whole compound is called Solamachi (Sky City). Because it is indeed like a city in the air. A bit like Laputa the floating castle from Ghibli.

I have never been so close to the sky apart from when inside a plane. It felt very surreal.

What’s more it is the view of the entire Tokyo city. It is simply amazing.



There’s also a see-through glass panel on the ground but this isn’t as scary as the one in Tokyo Tower because it has two levels. Means if touch wood this one breaks you will just fall to glass on the lower floor wtf.


JAPAN. Before and after. Kind of like my make up picture wtf.




Me above Tokyo.


I felt very very touched, it’s not like any other tower i’ve ever been. Partly because it is really ridiculously tall. Mostly because of the geographic nature of this whole island, especially one with such frequent earthquakes, to me, this feels like a miracle.



Haha this picture is confusing right!!! Tokyo day time above and Tokyo sunset below 😛


Actually it is just the screen 😛 And me looking like a tyrannosaurus wtf.


We stayed till sun down. We could have waited until night fall, i bet it would be an even more amazing and romantic experience, but maybe we can save it for the next time.

Also, have you ever seen fireworks FROM ABOVE?

Well in Sky Tree you can. It would be awesome to be up here during festive countdowns, but also gotta prepare to brace the crowd.


Go to Sky Tree if you happen to have a chance!


Love from Tokyo!! Blog again soon!!