The last thing i bought before flying to Japan!!

at the airport! Magnum Chocolate Truffle!


Other flavors.


However, Magnum do have a big surprise in store for  all of you ice cream lovers!

If your Magnum ice cream stick has a alphanumeric code on it, you are in for the big game!!!

First you have to go to Magnum’s application to register your coded stick. And you are also allowed to choose the prize you want to win, but it’ll be on a first come, first serve basis.


How to win Grand Prize:

1) If the Magnum Code on your stick matches the Grand Prize code for that month, you will be the lucky winner!

How to win Weekly Prizes:

1) If your Magnum code on your stick does not match the Grand Prize, you are entitled to view the many weekly prizes offered every week!


Like i said the fun part is that you are actually allowed to choose a prize that pleasures you! The prizes are divided in different category, and if are not sure what you like, you can also take a personality test!


For me very obviously my result says that i am a…. Fashionable Pleasure Seeker! And i’m featured in… Mogue lol


Here are the grand prizes!



Also lots of daily prizes to be won! ^^


Contest Period: 7th September 2012 to  30 November 2012

This is my  Chocolate Truffle! So thick and creamy <3


Go grab your favorite Magnum ice cream now and see if you are the lucky one!!


Go to

for more contest information! ^^