Hi guys. This is an announcement, i guess. Kind of.

Apparently to get married in Japan you don’t even have to be physically present wtf. We wanted to officially register our marriage some time in July, and the kareshi was supposed to bring my passport for the registration in Japan. WITHOUT ME. Because i couldn’t be there, because i had to go to Guangzhou. -_-. Worst decision ever. But then it means had to have my passport with me all the time in Guangzhou, so the plan didn’t work.

Anyway. The night before, both of us had a normal day. He finished his work and we went for a Japanese movie called “Outrage” , which is obviously the worst movie to watch before you get married because it’s that kind of movie where in the end everybody dies. Sorry for the spoiler. I wouldn’t recommend it as the last movie to watch while you are single.

And then the movie finished about 2:45AM, and we headed towards Shibuya city hall and illegally parked outside. Since there was nobody around.

It was about 3AM in the morning and the kareshi pressed a button on the intercom and was like, “excuse me we are here to get married” (or something along the line). And then 5 seconds later a guy murmured something like congratulations and he came out to meet us with his just-out-of-bed hair rubbing his eyes. I suspect he thought that he was still in his dream.

He sat us down, we submitted the required documents, showed him our passport, he put a stamp on one of the documents and it’s all done. It took something like one minute to transform our lives forever.

Apparently the Shibuya city hall is open 24 hours to probably cater for Japanese celebrities who are too famous to be caught by anyone or people who want to wed in secret/elope.

And that’s how we got married. The celebrity way. Sort of.

To the two of us.