I’m sure you all know about the importance of collagen for good skin and youthfulness, hence all the related products in the market in recent years. So i will skip that part.

But here are sooooo many collagen products in the market it’s super confusing to even begin to choose from.

Here’s your answer and here’s why.

(Ok i know you cannot read so i’m translation for you. You are welcome)

I’m taking this FINE Hyaluron & Collagen drink in powder form. (FINE is the company’s name).


First of all it is authentic and imported from Japan!! The land of awesome beauty and cosmetic products and lots of cute girls (which i’m sure are related to each others). And not those dubious locally made but pretend to have Japanese words over the label kind of product.

This collagen drink has combination of 6 ingredients, with collagen and Hyaluronic acid being the main hero, and a secret agent: Vitamin C.

Now Hyaluronic acid is labeled as the Queen Of Moisture (don’t ask me who is the King), it enhances skin elasticity and improves collagen synthesis, hence the combination.

Here’s also an interesting story to share.

Now you know why Japanese people are almost immortal.

And how this product is essentially different from other similar products is that it is the only collagen drink combined with the secret agent:Vitamin C.

Why is something so simple such an important ingredient?


Did you know that without Vitamin C, collagen cannot cannot be absorbed and fully function? So no matter how much collagen you take, it will go to waste if there’s lack of vitamin C. Also as our body cannot naturally produce vitamin C, it is important that these two ingredients to be consumed together. Remember that!



Another reason why i support FINE over other brands is because of its environmentally friendly packaging.


I have taken those bottled one before and every time i finish them in one sip i always don’t know what to do with them. Throwing away is too wasteful and i don’t really know how to recycle them so i end up having a whole bunch and still threw them away in the end. Man i wish they could do it in like a Milo box to cut cost of the product!


Now that i mention Milo, you must wonder how it taste like!

To me i’d say that it taste just like milk powder, but richer. You can mix it in any drinks of your choice. My personal favorite is to mix it into my daily breakfast cereal or Milo!

1. Pour 3 IN 1 Nestum in cup.

2. Take a flat spoonful of FINE Hyaluron & Collagen

3. Pour over into cup

4. Mix well with hot water

And i am happy to say that it acts like creamer, and normally i love my drinks to be super kao so i love the taste very much it makes it very rich and creamy!!


Daily beauty boost!


Although i don’t take coffee, there’s another product from FINE called “Metabo Coffee”. It is a real Brazilian coffee with diet ingredients such as L- carnitine, Fructo-Oligosaccharide , Chlorogenic acid. Each serving are only 3.8kcal, it is a perfect choice for coffee lover who wants to enjoy authentic coffee, at the same time diet.

For those who doesn’t like to drink metabo coffee itself (because it is black coffee ,no sugar added),  you can add in Hyaluron & collagen into metabo coffee, it will become a tasty latte !


Anyway here’s my story to share

(unpleasant picture warning)




Remember few months ago i fell face flat to the tarmac?

This was how i looked and to be honest i was terrified and i thought i was gonna hide at home forever.



I had to wear a mask everyday T___T (also to prevent sunlight and infection)


The kareshi (being a Japanese who knows more about beauty than i do, i’m ashamed to admit), asked me to take collagen.

And i diligently took FINE Hyaluron & Collagen every day (that was the time i first started, until today).

And i was very happy that just in slightly more than a week…

My scar healed 90%.

Ok i admit i also applied anti-scar gel like mad every single day

and eat very healthily, but i’d like to think that collagen (and other ingredients) in that drink helped my speedy recovery. 😀

Will do anything for good skin!!!


Add collagen into your good friend list today!

You can purchase FINE Hyaluron & Collagen at SASA, or Tokyoninki website!

For all you Singaporean readers, FINE series of product are going to available in SASA Singapore soon!