We pretty much spent our Halloween night in prison. And we literally teared blood.

The prison is called The Lockup. Or rather, Za Loku Appu. In Japanese lololol.

RinRin and i didn’t fancy clubbing so we decided to spend our Halloween night at these fancy themed restaurant in Shinjuku (there’s another one in Shibuya).

More on that later!

But this time we decided to go all out for Halloween! No one can beat 4-eyes Ozaki Sayoko but given only 3 hours and limited budget, i thought we did a pretty good job!




A lot of people what we dressed up as, i have no freaking idea. I guess we are Pretend-Vampire-Wannabe-Witch-Turned-Zombie??


Our budget tools from Donki! All from 100 yen to 700 yen only!


Twin outfit bought from OneSpo! It’s too cool the fashion branda actually have Halloween coordinates!




The blood is so realistic i almost felt pain wtf.



My make up!


We were quite proud of our hair!! It’s very Kyary inspired!



RinRin did a double heart for me and for herself it was supposed to be broken hearts HAHAHHA turns out it looks more like angels wings. So we now have even more complex identity crisis wtf.

It was crazy cold also but we just wore a thin cardigan and braved the chilly night.


A Ju-On like pic of RinRin


My eye make. Paper eyelash from Donki. It’s waaaay cool!




Ready to go!! RinRin is originally white enough to appear ghastly lol and i just stare creepily at random people HAHA but nobody cares T____T



Shopping at MURUA before dinner. Miho wanted to take a pic with us



We met Misha Janette for dinner!! This was our first meet-up after Kawaii International!

Melody Yoko was supposed to come but she had a birthday party :((

Anyway that’s our waiter. If you missed Halloween in Japan you could go to this restaurant as they dress up like that all the time!


Mad scientist


Apocalypse nao wtf


My bloody syringe cocktail


And Misha’s eyeball cockail.

Anyway all review says that the food in this restaurant sucks balls so we also didn’t have high hopes la. And honestly themed restaurant normally don’t give two shits about food quality, unless it is a Toilet Theme restaurant, i guess.

True enough the food was meh, but not until like inedible la, like the Hello Kitty cafe in Taipei ಠ_ಠ


lolol candy floss vomit



This gets 0.2 marks for effort lolol. At least they tried.



Also, what do you expect, it’s prison food. Self explanatory.



They also have a Russian Roulette menu, where one out of all the snack is poisoned with super wasabi or habanero sauce, and the rest are normal chili sauce. You can’t tell.

We each took one and ALL thought we kena’ed the bullet, and were like, wa it’s quite spicy!!! But still tolerable and then act all heroically nonchalant about it.


RinRin took a bite of the 4th tofu and she immediately spat it out and went speechless for the rest of the day. Habanero took her tongue lolol.


After that we went for Purikura!



Took with Manga cam





with Misha at Shinjuku. Both RinRin and i tried to guess what she would dressed up as before she appeared, and i was all like, a snail made of bears, an ice cube on fire, a bleeding knife. And she turned up dressing up as herself wtf.

She said Halloween was waaaaaay over cuz she celebrated it like a zillion times before meeting us at the actual date 31st Oct. Apparently she was a cocktail.



At the train station to catch the last train home before saying goodbye to RinRin!




Back to Roppongi the party has just begun. Took this picture with some random girls on the street















By the way!

Remember Kawaii International i blogged about earlier?

I am so happy i was invited for the filming because that was how i got to know Misha, Melody Yoko and RinRin, who turned out to be super friendly and fun in real life to hang out with <3

I actually got a DVD copy of the episode but i am not allowed to post it, NHK has very strict copyright issues about it T___T


If you missed the show and would love to watch it, you could vote for it to be on air again, because our episode has just been nominated as Viewers Choice 2012 on NHK WORLD!!

Top-ranking programs will be broadcast back-to-back for six days from Dec 25




And one person can vote as many times as possible ^^


Also i just fond out that they also put up a Behind-The-Scene video i did during backstage filming!



Video here!!


Have fun ^^