is awesome! (even without Hugh Jackman.)

I was reading some old travel entries and i was quite surprised to realize that i’ve actually written so much about Australia. Besides Japan, i have probably done the most variety of activities in Australia, and every time was a pleasant surprise in a different city!

Let’s do a review and count them, shall we?

Warning: most of the pictures contain me. To kind of prove that they are real pictures, and not taken off an e-calendar. Because you probably would suspect so, with certain scenery.


2009 i went to Perth for Virgin Festival, which also happened to be my virgin trip to Australia. I was also…. wearing fake bikini with fake boobs.


It was so long ago when i actually still put watermarks on my pictures lol. Life in Perth is very laidback and chilled out but i totally enjoyed the good food there! They have some of the best meat pies and apple strudels! You will agree with me 😛



All the shopping, opera, fashion, and Australian icons in one exciting city.


Blue Mountain


It’s actually not about the coffee. It’s about one of the most beautiful mountain views i’ve ever had the honor to behold.



To prove that i was in Australia- meet my new Aussie friend.



More Australian friends i made on the road, literally.


Hobart City

When i went there i seriously thought i was gonna live there.



They have cheese. Good ones. I GUARANTEE YOU.



Looking at this picture i was actually quite touched that i actually bothered putting up a collage, 2 years ago. Whatever happened to blogger efforts? 🙁  I blame iPhone. T_T

Anyway, wine pairing! i probably am not qualify to make a comment, as you probably shouldn’t trust anything i say after the second sip. But if you love wine and dine, i give you wine and dine.




Ok before you go all *gasp Cheesie YOU BAD GIRL* and thought i stoop so low to use a cow to distract the fact that i was gambling……

Casino is the name of a city in Byron Bay. True story. It is a cowboy town. Hence the cow. I am a good girl after all. A horrible cow girl at worst.


Surprisingly there are also chickens in the cowboy town.

More surprisingly my presence actually made it to the news (sort of).



The first time i was at such height, outdoor (880 feet), chained to the rail. It was Skywalk at Sydney Tower.

I would have been very proud and would totally have said that it was a fun and breezy (literally too) experience, if it wasn’t for this picture. HAHAHA




Tahune Forest Airwalk in Tasmania. Michael giving me a high 5 for completing the walk, my other hand was holding on very tightly to the bridge in case he tries to kung-fu lift me up or something lol.

Totally worth the fright.




At Dove Lake, Tasmania.

Huon River. It was SO BEAUTIFUL i am still speechless looking at it again!

A lake at Jenolan Cave





(This is a space reserved for stunned silence)




That’s all!

I have tried so many different experiences in Australia, and the next time i visit i wanna try something different.

Something that i probably would be very very good at until it shall become my new profession, such as…




Next to the dolphin summore.

No la. Haha. I can’t even swim. T_T


But!! The kareshi is a BIG FAN of surfing. His whole life revolved around the waves until i appear in his life. And i hated the sea. But we have been to Bali once together and i saw how much happiness and calmness he finds in riding the waves, i was convinced that the both of us would enjoy this, one of the most authentic Aussie culture. By that i mean he would surf happily while i watch him surf happily munching my fish and chips muahahahah.

He goes to Surfer’s Paradise every summer, so very likely we would travel there together next Febuary, and i’m super excited because it’s yet another new place and experience for me!!

I have started doing some research on, which is (obviously) the best website for references, ideas, itinerary planning and more!

At first glance there was so much information to take in, but if you will soon get the hang of it and can browse hours and hours! (So make yourself tea.) If you have something in mind, a place you would like to visit, or certain activities you would like to experience, it’s extremely helpful.

And the newly uploaded videos of each attraction in Australia are just sooooo nice to watch!

While the kareshi is having fun doing this…


I will be doing this.



Watch the videos for inspiration and get into holiday mood! 🙂