Today i want to recommend a Jewelry brand called e.m. and this is not an ad.

I used to wear like only super chunky eye-catching costume jewelry, but the more i stay and shopped in Japan i discovered that they have a lot of very, very delicate and fine jewelry pieces and i learnt to like it a lot.

My latest obsessions are super thin and fine rings, and when i chose our wedding rings it was nearly impossible because my criteria was “as thin as possible” because the danna and i don’t really like thick bands.

But normally thin bands are all fashion rings and don’t come in pair 🙁 But in the end we found a perfect pair in ISETAN, Shinjuku in Tokyo. We will only be getting them 20th Dec, will upload a picture after we collect them 😀

And then when Aud and  i were at Foruchizu, ISETAN KLCC, we found out that there are a Japanese jewelry counter. Did you know that???


The counter is at 2F ISETAN called IMAYO, but they have a pop up store by e.m. Jewelry located right between Foruchizu and the Takeshita Doori back drop, until end of the year!

And their designer pieces are super super cute!!

For those of you who are thinking of buying jewelry for yourself or loved one as Xmas present, you are still in time! While the Pop Up Store is still there, some pieces are 30% off!

Like this one:

Gold ring with dangling diamente!! It’s too cute !


There are also a lot of 3D perspective design rings

And super fine rings that i looove!

I wished i knew this brand earlier, would have wanted an engagement ring that’s like the first one!!! The one sold in other jewelry shops are always super chunky T__T


Rings with real diamonds are only RM1000+

A belt-shape ring!





Necklaces too!

Gem stone skull ring T____T

More designs




With IMAYO’s manager Yamashita san


Aud and i both bought  something there!

A spiral earring! Cute right!


I also bought one! <3




Drop by ISETAN KLCC before end of this year!

Also of course visit Foruchizu if you have time! ^^