as in like “Thank you, from Foruchizu”. But that way sounds more dramatic wtf.

Although i should thank Foruchizu also because it was created by a bunch of genuine Japanese fashion lovers, without whom it will never exist in the first place.

I actually copied it from Japan’s latest national tourism slogan, which is “Japan. Thank You.

When i saw that i wept in secret because you know how other countries’ taglines are always like “Amazingly Beautiful!”, “Come over here we are so damn fun!”, “Best kindom in the world!”, “VISIT US OR DIE!“. Or something similar, i can’t really be sure, not very good with this slogan thing.


Not the most coherent sentence structure in the world, but coming from Japan it makes all sense.

The simplicity. The humility. The sincerity.

Sometimes all we have to say is just thank you. (Although the Japanese people have like 700 ways of saying it.)

I wanted to shout out loud,

No. Japan, thank YOU.

Really. Thank you.

You won’t believe this but i am in tears while typing this. I am back here again and ever so happy to, i don’t know why i get so emotional when i’m here. Totally overreacting. Ok i don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Anyway, all is good. Except that i was typing the first part of this post with extremely itchy palms and i almost wanted to chop my hands off. I didn’t. You are welcome. Also somebody suggested me to slap my hand for itch prevention so i was clapping my hands furiously like i was a bieber fan at his concert. Or in a room with 500 mosquitoes. Which is ironic because it’s probably those asshole mosquitoes who caused the itch.

And i can’t believe i just typed so much rubbish and have digressed 5 times from the original topic. I should put all these in a book.




Foruchizu says thank you.

From the two new and awkward and moderately clueless bosses.


Thank you, everyone who has come and supported us. Everyone who has bought something from Foruchizu. Bought many things from Foruchizu. Took picture with us. Took pictures of the products. Shared with your friends. Shared on Instagram. Supported morally from overseas. Came all the way from overseas.

Thank you.


It’s all the things Aud and i ever love coming together. Japanese fashion, Japanese departmental store, Japanese theme, and all the good Japanese values.

Some pictures!


Takeshita doori lol

Haze who came just to support us <3

Yumi who is super supportive she actually volunteered accidentally to be our sales staff wtf.

Everyone else who came, who brought us gifts, who asked for pictures, who shopped…

Shah from Nuffnang also came

And our mature customer!!! Who is wearing a Foruchizu top!


Joanne who brought us gift. Super sweet la!


Tzeching <3


Some shop snaps!

Lace velvet top, still available in cream i think!


Double collar puffy sleeve top in pale peach and black!


More sweet colors as supposed to monotone!


Accessory counter


Thank you ISETAN for allocating such a glorious space for us <3


Some #addiction coordinates:

Matching chiffon top in pink and cherry

Look how cute the bow-sleeves are!!!

Love it with the pearl necklace

Classic monotone


Oshare work wear in black & white! (Although a bit sexy)

Silver clutch only RM79!!

Sweet pastel coordinate

Both our top & bottom from Foruchizu


Full-lace peplum dress, available in brown too!


All accessories from Foruchizu too



Sales are still comingggggggg

It’s a whole month of super awesome Pop Up Store fun!

*click to enlarge*

For Foruchizu it is a motif T with floral shorts for only RM79 CHEAP OR WHAT!!!

Please drop by 14th Dec until 20th Dec! Very very limited stock hor!

And then accessories also will be having discount from 21-27 for ISETAN members. Our accessories are RM26-RM33 still get discount ah…Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 7.43.10 PM


Anyway, happy shopping! Don’t forget to check out other Japanese brands also! So far ISETAN is the only place carrying Japanese apparel leh! <3

This time i give air hug from Japan to all who come ok lol.