I’m quite glad the world didn’t end and that i didn’t “spend all my saving on Kobe beef before i die” as i loudly announced.

Which also means i will be having my wedding ceremony in Japan, assuming the world is staying alive for just another day. Yay!

So our small and simple church ceremony will be in Nagasaki, which is the danna’s hometown.

It has been an easy, or rather, non-existent wedding planning as there isn’t really actually one. We didn’t have to prepare anything except that i might have to memorize the vows in Japanese wtf. Also the dress, suit, rings, etc.

Here are about all the things i ever have to prepare.


Bridal bouquet costs like RM800 here so i 忍痛割爱 and decided to go without. We got a few stalks of fresh roses for my hair instead <3

Wedding gown

My very perfect dress and shoes are designed and custom made by Weddinspired by Gilbert Ng.

I would have wanted something more puffy and princessy and Belle-ish but it had to be luggage friendly, so i asked for a full-chiffon gown instead <3



Requested Amy to dye my hair super dark so that it could fade to this perfect shade of ash grey <3

As you can see in the previous picture my hair was almost black! But now it is just nice. I don’t know why i didn’t think of this earlier, but i’d say bleaching your hair and then dyeing it super dark is the most fun thing ever! You wake up to a different hair color everyday and the fun lasts for one whole month <3


Wedding bands

Our rings hunt was an easy one too. They are from AHKAH, a Japanese jewelry brand. They had the CUTEST designs ever and the moment i saw this i knew they are The One lol. You like it or knot?



Also got my nails done, heart-shape with pearl and mermaid blings. I thought of the design myself wan, quite cute right??? 😀 Feel free to copy if you like ^^


That’s all, i guess! All we need now is just…


Until 24th.

I am so glad to be in Japan and so thankful for… the world. (Or aliens. Just want to thank you too. Just in case.)

Hope you all have a great Xmas eve too <3