(i apologize in advance for anymore watch-related lame puns i’m going to make in this post)

Anyway it’s almost Christmas and i was gift-shopping (mainly for myself!) And one category that’s probably missing in my accessories wardrobe is watches. That’s probably because i couldn’t find the time (hur-hur) to shop for good ones.

And as a fan of all things Japanese, of course i also went for a Japanese brand. Especially one that has a super handsome face (hur-hur. Not the face of the watch, although that would be cool too).

Takeshi Kaneshirooooo my heroooo *shiny eyes*

I believe in everything he wears *fists under chin*

Citizen’s new latest models!

So what’s so different about the watches? There can only be so many designs and colors to watches, but technology is forever improving, and Japanese being Japanese, guess what’s new? Eco-Drive.

Everything about energy saving! Even something as small as a watch. Eco-Drive is a proprietary Citizen Watches technology that uses light energy to drive the watch’s movement.

It utilizes any source of light as the power source for a watch, which is environment-friendly. So there’s no need to dispose or replace used watch batteries as the energy stored is enough to power the watch even in total darkness for up to 6 months.

One of the reasons why i hardly ever wear watches is because when they run out of batteries, i will be having a hard time (hur-hur). I got so lazy to replace the battery i just sort of neglect the watch, most likely forever.


Enough about technology, let’s get on with the new designs!

The latest more luxurious watches include this one that is encrusted with real diamonds!

Also available in silver

And black!

You can aslo tilt the face down so that it’s easier for you to adjust the time.

There are also other simpler design like this one.

If you prefer something more lady-like, the skinny watches are also a good choice.

Something more outstanding? Refreshing lime green is cute!

As for my choice, i don’t really have a specific preference as i like to experiment different styles, but for that day’s outfit, i’d definitely go for an oversized man’s watch.


This is actually so far my favorite! Probably also because i’m going through an All-Black phase, so i think this piece is super cool <;3

And surprisingly fits my super tiny wrist! Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 7.43.19 PM



And my absolute favorite are actually the concept models for 2012, which unfortunately is not for sale, but it is ultimate coolness

This is Luna.

The dial is made of 60 diamonds, AND, they are not just normal diamonds, but GLOWING DIAMONDS!! With each passing second, a diamond will glow!

And it’s completely using the Eco-Drive technology, which means using light to create light.

This is Nova.

So futuristic! It has sparkling light display! It’s like a whole galaxy on your wrist!!!

I hope they commercially produce this for sale soon T___T


Ready to shop for your Christmas gifts yet? Check out more designs on www.citizen.com.my!

And their Facebook page!