The kareshi (now danna) and i had our church ceremony on 24th December last year in Nagasaki, his hometown.

It was a long journey for us and some of his family and relatives who came all the way for us.

Thank you so much.

Next Saturday i will be having a small family dinner too in my hometown, Seremban this time.

After all the kin duty, we decided that we will be having another wedding, just for the two of us. This time in Santorini.

Japan, Malaysia, Greece.

I’m probably the only person i know who fly to 3 countries to be married 3 times lol. Luckily it is to the same person. What to do, i love this man so much i can’t marry him enough.

And the best thing is, it is also for our honeymoon, so technically it’s a Weddingmoon.

Why Santorini?

We have been asked many times where we will be having our honeymoon before we had our ROM. And Greece has always been on top of my bucket travel list! Probably thanks to Mama Mia, and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The rest on the list are 10 other places in Japan lol.

Sisterhood movie. Super love the romantic story of Alexis Bledel and her Greek lover!

Believe most of you have watched this!

And then the danna has never been to Europe before, so it would be exciting for the both of us.

And i could really say it is a dream come true. Because i wished for it so much that, one day, i received an email from this travel company who wants to sponsor my Weddingmoon.

It felt exactly like the first time i received the email from NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV who wanted us to be on Japan TV.

Are you for real?! Is this a scam?!

And then turned out that the NHK email changed my life forever. It sort of also contribute to my marriage indirectly. Blog about that next time.



Sunrise Greece


After many email exchanges, it is confirmed. We are going to have our wedding+honeymoon with Sunrise Greece, to Santorini.

Now i am typing this post with all fullstops but just to let you know that for the first few days from receiving the email, my head was all “!!!!!!!?!??!!!!!!!:D 😀 :D!!!!!”

Now calmed down a bit la haha.

Basically, here it the gist of what Sunrise Greece does!

Sunrise Greece is a traveling&wedding company based in Greece, and the team is, of course, Greek. In the past 10 years the team has travelled and lived in Hong Kong and China for long periods of time, and through their experience in Asian culture, it makes them the Asian Wedding expert for Asian couples who chooses to be married in Greece!

Also, they have been providing wedding services for the past 5 years through agents and not directly to customers. This is their first attempt to appeal directly to customers through their blog, facebook page, instagram, twitter etc, which is how they found me!! <3

And so happened i just announced that i was getting married! This is all fated on the perfect timing. I cannot be more thankful.

The coordinator Amie is the most enthusiastic and cheery person ever! She made me want to go to Santorini RIGHT NOW but apparently she also wants me to enjoy the best during the best season, so we decided that we will travel in April/May, which is the perfect time in Santorini.

And then she customized a Weddingmoon for the danna and i.

Check this out:

– 4 nights in luxury hotel in Santorini with amazing view 
– semi private island cruise with barbecue on board! 
– full day island tour with private car and driver 
– romantic wedding ceremony and photo session in the amazing Santorini Scenery and romantic candle light dinner in the end of the day! 
– 2 nights in Athens in luxury hotel including full day tour in Acropolis and the city’s historical center! 

And as if she is worried my lack of imagination, she sent me tons of pictures Sunrise Greece has taken, which i am going to upload here now, be warned. Breathe regularly.

That’s not us but we might be doing something like that soon lol.

I know right! It’s so crazy beautiful i don’t even!

Now you also want to get married (again) just to see this for real right!!!! Hahhaha me too!

Besides weddings and Weddingmoon, Sunrise Greece also organizes customized traveling for groups of people (families, friends, co-workers) that want to visit Greece, not only just Santorini! They handle every little detail of their trip and all they have to do is come and enjoy Greece!

I really cannot wait to go there now i wish April come quicker!!!!! ♡

So if you are in the mid of planning to get married, you know what to do! 😀

Here are some links that will help you understand more!

Sunrise Greece blog (with lots of helpful tips!)


Sunrise Greece Wedding Packages


Instagram: @SunriseGreece (full of beautiful pictures you HAVE to LIKE)

FB Page

I really cannot wait to go there now i wish April come quicker!!!!! ♡