Take a guess which of us which of us is the clean freak? The danna or me?

That’s right! He is! How did you know?

(Ok fine partly because he is Japanese) Well it’s not because i really am thaaaat lazy, it’s just that… let’s just say we have very different definition of what constitute a clean house. And my tolerance of mess is… to to be messed with. Honestly. lol.

This was our apartment in Japan.

I used a Negative effect on this photo, so that when people accidentally discovered this in my phone i could at least say that it is a CSI crime scene snap.

So i *do* clean the house when i deem it needs cleaning, which is about… never.

Then the danna will just sigh and goes pick up the toilet bleach.



But when we came back from Japan after 3 weeks and we sat in my car for the first time, he was like, i’m buying a new car. And i was all REALLY?!? And he was like NO. NOT REALLY and i was like why?! and he was like BECAUSE YOUR CAR SMELLS LIKE KATSUOBUSHI (a kind of Japanese dried fermented fish.)

And i was like That’s… fine?

And he was like


And that’s when i knew that i had to do something about it.


Now that i think about it, it is all true.

There isn’t that much mess in my car but it’s the kind of mess you can’t see. Let me enlighten you with a picture.

This about sums up how my car smells like.

Oh my god.

Now i refused to think about all the people who have sat in my car holding their breath all the time but were too polite to tell me.

I apologize.

And that’s when i knew i REALLY had to do something about it.

I was determined.


After 5 minutes





My car now smells like this.



all i did was this.

New Ambi Pur car mini clip.

It’s pink and the scent is Thai Dragon Fruit!

It’s a bit like Cinderella getting help from Fairy Mother like that. So it doesn’t count as cheating. Hehe.

It’s super easy! Just clip it on at the dashboard and it changes how your car smells in one second, and it looks super cute and blends right in the dashboard because it’s so super mini!

Smells so sweet and fruity!! All nasty smell is gone swiftly after i switched it on!


The danna just kept quiet although he knows that i took the shortcut lol.

But at least he isn’t complaining anymore. 😛

I win. Every time.



Also, Valentine’s is coming! Now instead of the usual gifts, why not surprise your hubby/honey by giving his car a complete fresh feel by helping him wash and clean his car (if you drive through car wash also can haha) plus your choice Ambi Pur that he thinks will be sweet and sexy!

Here are the mini clip variants:

Ambipur Car Mini LIGHT CTRUS


Ambipur Car Mini SKY BREEZE

Ambipur Car Mini  DRAGON FRUIT


Which oen do you think he likes? 😀


Check out this music video by Megan and Ryan:

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Basically here’s what you need to do:

1.Purchase any new Ambi Pur Car Mini Clip and snap a photo of your honey’s car (interior) with it.

Make sure you are in the picture as well!

2. Go to Ambi Pur app, submit your photo and complete the caption “My honey’s car smells sexy because…”


3. And stand a chance to win an all new SUZUKI SWIFT and prizes worth up to RM2,000!!

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