Hello guys!

Short update on my travel schedule! During CNY the danna and i will be going to Gold Coast Australia for a short trip (mainly for him to surf and for me to sleep in a campervan. all. the. time. I hate summer T__T).

And then end of March we have booked our ticket back to Tokyo! Yay! For sakura! Yay yay yay!! Last year April i saw the most beautiful scene ever in my life during sakura full bloom, and i made myself a promise to go back every year for this miraculous season, also bday present for myself 😀

And then and then!

For the Santorini Weddingmoon, there’s also new update! Amie from Sunrisegreece has been coordinating with me about the big day, and we have decided to have it some time in May, because that would be the perfect season and weather to enjoy fully and to have a successful wedding photoshoot. We would take Greece as a start, and then maybe tour some other parts of Europe on our own.

(I am so excited i already created a new category called “Greece” under Cheescapade fo this entry and my future weddingmoon entries lol)

Also, she just told me that Sunrisegreece has made it to Greece National TV!

It is a famous show in Greece called Menoume Ellada, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism (Visit Greece) about the beauties of this country.

I am very happy for them because when they get bigger and more recognized also mean that their service will level up too haha.

So if you are also interested in a Weddingmoon in Santorini, here are some info for you!

Basically here’s the itinerary designed for me (you can of course consult Amie and get her to customize one for you, but according to her a lot of people requested for the package i’m having so they have renamed it to the “Cheesie Package” LOLOL)

Hotel & Transport

4 nights accommodation in Luxury Boutique hotel, including breakfast. Transportation to and from the airport and all other transportations necessary in the island.


One month before your arrival, Sunrisegreece will talk about food preferences, any allergies you might have, tastes you like and after that every single meal you will have on the island will be in traditional restaurants, freshly cooked and according to your taste!


A semi-private cruise in Santorini beaches and the volcano, ending up in Oia, to view the sunset. On board they will provide you towels, goggles if you want to dive, will take you in the volcano hot springs (good for your skin!) and meanwhile the crew will barbecue for you a delicious dinner!! Barbecue on board! And then, off you go, to see the most beautiful sunset from the sea…

The Big Day

For your wedding, you will choose a location you like, flowers for decoration, your fav bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere, and shape/color/taste of your wedding cake! There will also be make-up artist and hair stylist to do your hair (for me it will be own husband hahhahaha), and you will choose a list of your fav songs to be played during the wedding!

If you want your wedding to be legal, they would handle all your documentation procedure for you in Greece and you would have received your wedding certificate at your doorstep!

Wedding Photo

After that, you will proceed to have a wedding photography session, which i’m really really looking forward to since we didn’t have any pre-wedding photos taken.

Sunrisegreece delivers 450 photos that are slightly edited, you will choose 50 to be fully edited for a digital wedding album for them and finally, you will also prepare your favorite song for your wedding ceremony video clip!

They have also specially arranged a two-day trip at Athens for us, which is danna is super interested in cuz it sounds so… historical!

So that’s about all for now, i will of course share more about it when i actually get there!!! 😀

If you are going for a 100% completely romantic and awesome Weddingmoon, my tip for you is not to split the services (how much if I take out this, take out that etc) because i really think that Amie customizes what is best for you and she is so attentive to details. So far i’m very impressed by her service, she updates me every so often about new plans, tips, and even the weather. I’m sure your wedding will be a good one with them! <3 And of course secondly, package deals are always cheaper splitting services, which is a golden rule for any kind of shopping!!

Plus, a Weddingmoon it is really once in a lifetime!

So i hope you get some inspiration from this blog post, and if you ever want to book a slot, you have to be fast because i heard most wedding slot in 2013 is sold out :X

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Also don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @sunrisegreece for super beautiful pictures!

Update again!!! 😀