I had to come up with a theme for my Weddingmoon. (yea i almost forgot i still have a wedding to deal with!)

We have done it the Japanese-Catholic way, the Chinese-Yaaaaaamseng way, and then for our Weddingmoon, we just wanted it to be as relaxed as possible.

Amie from SunriseGreece pretty much is planning and organizing everything for me. I am the most chilled and stress-free bride in the whole world.

Once in awhile she will shoot me an email to ask me what is my favorite color for flowers, any food allergy, is there any favorite songs of ours, etc. I didn’t have to fuss over any big decisions. She is so amazing that (i suspect she also flipped my blog archive upside down) she knows exactly the kind of person i am (don’t like the sun, fav cheese is Feta, don’t drink much but love fancy pink champagne wtf. She probably also knows how many cavities i have. That’s the thing about blogging about private life so publicly lol), so she plans according to it.

It’s really a breeze to plan this whole Weddingmoon, even though it sounds intimidating as it’s in a strange land and i have not even met anyone from Sunrise Greece in person yet.

But i am so thankful!

They have already issued our air tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul in May, transit to Athens then eventually Santorini. We plan to tour around Europe a bit after that, she even helped me search for cheap tickets to Rome from Santorini!!

Also, she told me that the response is very good, and some people have already booked for 2014 wedding in Santorini!

So if you are planning for one, here are some other important pointers.

Apart from the small details and personal preferences, the most important event of the trip could also be the wedding photoshoot.

Every photo session is different as Santorini has many hidden treasures, locations only known to a few. Every couple can have their own personalized session, so it would be nice if Sunrise Greece knows about you and your love story so they can place it in Santorini.

Is there a wish you always had? A movie scene they want to recreate? They are here to make it happen – capture what you have dreamed with their camera.  They use all props necessary in order to create your scenario and make you the protagonists of your own movie!

And Amie wanted to know mine, so i decided it’s Romantic Grecian Style hahaha. Very much like  Amanda Seyfried in Mama Mia!

(I was tempted to do THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAA but the danna probably is not comfortable with carrying a spear and wearing nothign but a sash.)

So i created a mood board on Pinterest for Amie to picture what the image will be like.

(They have a Pinterest account too that you can follow!)



Super super super beautiful right?

So excited!


Amie told me that she totally gets what i want so i will leave it to the pro 😀

Good news for those of you who are planning a weddingmoon with Sunrise Greece! They now have an exclusive agent in Malaysia!!! 😀

It’s called Memoires Aboard, and it is located at Publika, Solaris Dutamas. Memoires Aboard will handle parts that couldn’t be done from Greece by Sunrise Greece, such as legal documentation, wedding gowns and tuxedos, production of the album etc. Most importantly they are there to meet with everyone and guide them personally and efficiently through their Santorini experience with Sunrise Greece.

Now that makes everything super convenient and easy! 😀

You can visit them at

D4-3-13A, Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-6211 6655 or+6012-225 5655 

email: info@memoiresaboard.com


And lastly, visit Sunrise Greece’s blog for the follow up of our Weddingmoon planning (although they try to keep it a surprise by not revealing too much lol), and whatever info you need on your beautiful wedding in Santorini. 🙂