I just herb to do this. (Already posted this on Twitter but here’s for easy viewing)

Because i know you miss me like this. And because it is awesomesauce.

Anyway the story is. One day i was cooking beef stew at home. And i unaccidentally (it’s not a real word, but it is now, because i just made it.) put too much thyme in the soup and it tastes like cow food. It’s a pot of irony. If you think about it.

So i sort of freaked out and i sought help from Oli, who is apparently living in a field in France, and who probably talks to plants all the time so he sounds like exactly the kind of person who can solve my soup drama.

I was like

Ok so i totally overthymed it what should i do now?


And then i posted this on Twitter and this Kuahjenhan had to chive in and condiment me.


The end.

I mean, it’s all a bit corny but i too kinda miss posting in this category again, and to show that my pun skill memang tiada masala.

More pungent stuff cumin soon.