Hi guys.

Here’s the long procrastinated pictures taken in Japan (mostly Tokyo). Of me. And the danna. Sort of.

I was a little hesitant to put these pictures up because while you can find probably thousands of the most personal pictures of myself on this blog (like a close up picture of the inside of my mouth, for example, just to make a point) , the danna however, remains an internet awkward and very private person.

So before we got married, i was struggling about pre-wedding photos. First of all i was too lazy to do it, plus we are going to have another wedding in Santorini anyway! And then he was super unkeen about this whole wedding photo fuss. To be honest, having been involved entirely in his life, i discover that he doesn’t have ANY photos of himself, except his passport photos. And like a grand total of two pictures of him as a child. That’s the total amount of picture he has in his entire life. Which explains the lack of his face in this blog, my apology. Actually, he should apologize to you all.

So not like i purposely play mysterious or what la. And he is also not Takeshi Kaneshiro. You all guessed wrong.

Ok i can’t believe i wrote so long just to justify my reluctance to post his picture publicly. Anyway this is all about to end now because i am going to show you his pictures now. Sort of.

When i brought him to meet my friends, many times people commented that he looks like Stephen Chow

Also just to satisfied your curious greed, here’s the best version of him by imadeface.


(Really. Hahaha is all he says.While looking like that.)

I think really look like la!!! LOLOL

So yea imagine a Stephen Chow who look like this, then you could probably recognize the danna in even pasar malam. You are welcome.


Anyway, back to the wedding photos. We are very lucky because Multifolds Photography from Singapore wrote to me and wanted to sponsor my wedding shoot. But i told the founder Melvin that our wedding was gonna be in Nagasaki.

And he was like, “okay i’ll check the tickets!




He crazy or what! But if figured that i will feel very, very bad to have him fly to Nagasaki just to take our photos, because the airfare from Tokyo to Nagasaki was RM3,000 that time. Per person. T___T

We didn’t have a choice. It was our wedding. T___T

In the end he gave us a very good idea, which is to fly to Tokyo before our wedding to snap our pre-wedding photos.

And i agreed with much much much gratitude.


Strictly speaking it wasn’t “pre-wedding photos”, as you all know la nowadays full fluffy white gown against leather sofa and extreme intense posey wedding photos are so… passe. Even running at the beach with balloons are… just not my taste la. I was so freaking hipster until i at one point i got so angry at myself i decided to not take any photos AT ALL. Maybe later go purikura or whatever wtf.

Until Melvin suggested “Lovescapade”, which by their definition  ‘our sweet escape from reality, going to places to have fun and capturing the best and most truest moments of each other, as a couple‘.

It is basically just as simple as capturing the moments where they carry the most significance to you and your loved one.

So we have decided to do it in Tokyo, because that was how our love story unfold in the beginning. Melvin spent a lot a lot of time asking me questions and doing research on the best locations. And the danna and i flew to Tokyo first, then sent him various shots of the places we like, it was near Christmas and the whole city was buzzing with illuminated romance.

And then he flew to Tokyo to meet us. From Singapore. Alone. For the first time.

It was all a little adventurous and also brave of me to completely trust someone i’ve never met before. (What’d your mama tell you about the internet?)

And it also shows full commitment on Multifolds and how they really go that extra mile (many many miles summore!!!) to make this work. Can’t say enough how thankful i am!

And we only had one day because the next day we were set of to fly to Nagasaki.

So here are some of the shots he took of us, and i love them.

(I’m sorry they are mostly pictures of me and like half his shoulder wtf. But you can imagine! Hahhaha)


We started with Hakone early in the morning. I picked this place because it was our power spot. We both made wishes here at the temple and they all came true 🙂




And then we drove to Gotenba and en route we stopped by a great spot to view Mt Fuji





At night we went to Tokyo Tower


And in the end went back to Harajuku, my fav place for Ichiran Ramen.



This is probably my fav photo and it’s a bonus photo for you hahaha.

At Hakone.


And then Melvin and his friend came down to KL from Singapore one day, just to pass me this:

It’s like the old school Chinese calender! All customized and handmade my god such details!


Inside there’s a CD with all the photos, and a matching canvas bag.


Definitely super nice to work with, and very very cheerful they just make you feel like you can leave everything to the pro. <3

If any of you are interested in Lovescapade shoot, just quote Cheesie for 10% off!
You can see Multifold Photography’s other amazing work on their website:




And FB Fan Page!